Links for President Isabel's Animal Abuse Commission

Review links from your group.

     ASPCA home page

2. Pasado Safe Haven
     A safe place for animals

3. US
     From this site you can get the contact info of your local and national representatives.

4. IMOM--Dog abuse laws by state.
     A state by state listing of dog abuse laws.

5. Animal Law Center
     Excellent animal law resource center.

6. Justice for Kahn
     Read about what happened to poor Khan

     List of state penalty classifications


9. Letter Suggestion
     This is's page of suggestions for writing letters to politicians

10. Sun Bear Squad
     The Sunbear Squad has all kinds of tips on how to be a good samaritan to animals. There's all kinds of advice on handling a variety of abuse situations, as well as other cool stuff.

11. Animal Abuse Petitions
     Here is the list of all petitions in the animal abuse category that are currently active. There are tons, each with its own heartbreaking story.

12. President Isabel's BSL Task Force
     President Isabel's Task Force on ending Breed Specific Legislation in the United States, Canada, and worldwide.

13. Save Knuckles
     Help save Knuckles from being wrongly executed. There is a petition to sign and contact info.

14. The Case for Felony Laws
     An excellent argument for why felony laws are necessary.

15. How One Can Make a Difference
     From the Best Friends Site. Things you can do in your community to help fight abuse.

16. Click For Food
     Click on the purple button and shelters get free food. The only way that could be any better is if we got free food too BOL!

17. CHAI Concern for Helping Animals in Israel
     CHAI is an Israeli based organization that works to improve conditions for animals, provides spay/neuter clinics, and advocates for animals.

18. In Hope Video
     This video was furnished by Brightlion. It depicts the struggle shelter workers face, and the needless suffering of animals. If only humans cared about animals as much as they do about money, and their own children, perhaps these scenes could become a thing of the past.

19. Bashan Kennel
     This is an Israeli kennel in northern Israel currently rescuing animals from the war zone.

20. ASPCA Online Cruelty Action
     Links to FBI and DOJ as well as advice on taking action

     This page has a lot of great resources including a list of cruelty arrest laws by state, and a link to a page for fighting online cruelty.

22. Stop Gas Chambers
     This site is dedicated to ending the use of gas chambers in North Carolina shelters, and shelters around the country. Look for the NC state petition link and add your voice.

     Read all about Petland and its relationship with the Hunte Corporation.

24. American Humane

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