Links for Border Collie Mania

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1. Border Collie World
     Border Collie Forum

2. Border Collie Dog Appreciation Club
     Border Collie pics and e-pals.

3. Foxbarton Border Collies
     Brie's breeder. Her mom and cousin are there : Mom is Bracken (Busy Bee) and cousin Jazz (Thats Jazz).

4. Brie's Webpage
     Brie has 2 pages (the 2nd is on a link in this one) but its still pretty much under but they do have LOADS of pictures. so enjoy.

5. Wyoming Border Collie Rescue

6. Tink's Pics
     make sure your pop up blocker is off to view the page.

7. All About Border Collies

8. Rowena's Page

9. BDF Border Collie & Working Dog Links
     black dog farm's border collie and working dog links

10. British Flyball Association

11. Clubs
     links to clubs for birds, cats, dogs, ect. and for agility, flyball, rescue, ect.

12. Sheepdog Commands & Whistles

13. Belgian Games
     tricks you can teach your collie to keep it entertained and non destructive

14. Mainline
     more BC info

15. Daisy's Pics

16. Universal BCs
     Border collie Forum

17. Kates Krafts
     Dog Safety Equipment

18. Canine cards
     Animated e-cards starring Ross and Kerrie as Meg and Jazz.


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