Links for Furry Fashionistas

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1. Pet Trends with Maggie Gallant
     This website is a totally fun way to find out what the new trends are and what a real consumer thinks about them. Maggie also has a very cute little Dachshund that she takes everywhere named Dixie who samples all of the new must have gadgets and clothes. Check it out!

2. SpoilYourDogToo
     Looks like they have some cool stuff!!!

3. Trixie and Peanut's Boutique
     A great online doggy boutique. Save gas and just click to view the many cute trends in grooming, clothes, food and more that are for sale!

4. Animal Planet
     If you're not only a puppy lover, but are also an animal lover that you need to check out You can watch some clips of shows that appear on the Animal Planet Channel. Have fun!

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