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Links for ♥ Offical Paw Prints ♥

Review links from your group.


2. Dog Breed
     This is a website about all breeds of dogs, from hairy mutts, to hairless Chinese Crested Dogs!!! All breeds are here and have descriptions and pictures! Come on and go to this link!!!

3. Border Collie Coat Colors
     This site tells coat colors of Border Collies. You might think your pup is a mutt, but then it might be a pure border collie!!!!!!!! Commie and Look it! Look at this amazing site 'bout Border Collies!

4. Itallian Cuisine

5. Disaster Preparedness
     The best way to keep yourself and your family—both people and animals—safe when disaster strikes is to have a good disaster plan. We can help you get ready in case of an emergency. No matter what the specifics of your plan are, follow this basic safety rule: If you are told to evacuate, leave immediately and take your animals. If it's not safe for you, it's not safe for them.

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