Links for Cameraholics!

Review links from your group.

1. Photobucket
     Upload and share pictures, also useful when making pictures in forums or gifts

2. Picture Paradise
     Another great group, partners.

3. Smugmug
     A great place to put your photos. It costs money, but it's well worth it-especially if you're going on the professional level

4. Best Smile 08 Moderate CONTESTANTS
     Here you can view all of the contestants in the middle/moderate category, for the Best Smile 08 Contest! Good luck to all who entered!!!

5. Best Smile Contest Amatuer entrees
     Here are all the contestants that entered in the Best Smile Contest under Amatuer! Enjoy and Good luck to all of our contestants :]

6. GIMP free download
     Similar to photoshop and other image editing programs, but it's free! Download then pmail one of Admin if you have any questions :]

7. For the Love of Bullies
     Another group that is dedicated to ALL bully breeds!

8. Petography
     Wonderful website of pet photography!

9. Professional Best Smile Contestants
     These are the contestants that labeled their pictures professional! Good luck everypup

10. Weekly Assignment Best Talent 5.19.08
     See our Talented Members strut their stuff!

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