Links for Split Faced Pooches

Review links from your group.

1. Dog Channel
     Website about dogs with tons of information and fun.

2. Bullwrinkle
     Website about bulldogs with information.

3. Dog Whisperer
     Cesar Melan's page

4. Tail Waggins Bakery
     Doggie goodies

5. Split faced
     About split faced border collies.

6. Snobby dogs
     Dog stuff

7. Dogster Dog Blog
     Our own Dog Blog, check it out.

8. Click for Food
     Dog rescue site

9. Save Knuckles
     Rescue news

10. Contact Dogster/puppies for sale
     Puppies for sale ads are not allowed on Dogster. If you see an ad selling live puppies contact this link with the page you saw the ad on and what the ad is. I usually copy and paste the address from the page where the ad is and send to them so Dogster can pull up the page themselves.

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