Links for Holistic wellness and natural health for dogs and cats.

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1. Natural Health for Dog's & Cat's
     Dr. Pitcarin's Complete guide to Natural Health for Dog's & Cat's is a useful guide to understanding the differences of health care, manufactured pet products and so much more!

2. National Pet food recalls ***New Link
     Sign up here to get the lastest information on Recall's. They will send YOU an e-mail within one hour of any pet product being recalled. Stay informed, Your fur-babies are depending on you.

3. Pet Food - A dogs breakfast = Documentry about the Pet food recall tragedy.
     Yap films makes important documentries concerning our planet. A documentry will soon air in Canada (Jan. 2008), and then in the USA about the tainted food recall that affected many 1000's Don't be fooled by the down play of number's affected! My girls Belle and Boogie both died from Walmart brand Ol' Roy Peanut Butter dog biscuits,Legal as well as personel changes need to be incorporated so this tragic "mass murder" can never happen again! United, We can make a difference! The video: Pet Food - A dogs breakfast I have the video Pre-release and it is very informative. There is so much more they could have included tho.

4. Holistic Healthcare Library
     Holistic Healthcare Library, This is a large database of articles and other helpful information concerning holistic pet healthcare. There you may search for information by subject, or by entering keywords for the topic you are interested in. You can visit the Holistic Healthcare Library here:

5. American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association
     You may be able to find a holistic veterinarian in your area by visiting the website of the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association here:

6. What I feed and why.
     I feed Flint River Ranch Co. Dog & Cat foods. They are 100% natural, and I have seen a difference in their coat condition, activity levels as well as general overall health. They also offer treats, Beaser cries for the dried Bonita flakes. There are many good natural formulas out on the market to chose from, Use what is right for your babies. Added to that, I also feed RAW. While I didn't feel comfortable going completely RAW (my fur-babies wish I would) I DO give RAW with their food, and also use it for treats. Chicken is the easiest to begin with, and the most tolerated by your babies system. I have read in many articles that you should feed the RAW part of an animal that your animal is suffering from, EG. RAW liver to an animal with liver problems, etc. If you take the time to understand what actually goes into manufactured foods, you would cry to think you ever fed it to begin with. Why do you think it takes more medicine now for Euthinasia to work when you have to put a pet down?

7. Pet Hospice
     Hospice pet services and support

8. Pet loss
     grief support for Pet loss and ailing pets.

9. Thinking of donating to an Animal Charity?
     Best friends animal shelter is Non-Profit and Non-Kill. Don't expect a T-shirt or bracelett if you donate here, Every penny donated goes directly to the animals. (Unlike many, many others) Unlike other shelters, Best friends is NON-KILL! And supported by animal lovers, dedicated to placing them all. There are NO bad animals!

10. Herbal support for pets *** Arcadia Herbs
     Natural herbs for humans and their pets. There is a selection of Pet Herbs offered. I use two formulas they offer: Immune system support and Detox formula

11. Whiskers
     products & services for Holistic Health

12. Defend Our Pets
     Mike Floyd started this site after the Tragic pet food recall. There is strength in numbers, We can make the difference. This site is dedicted in changing current laws and legislation to help keep all pets safe.

13. Dr. Christina Chambreau
     Holistic Vet that give's online seminars and advice through a newslatter. Sign up free.

14. Cod Liver Oil for Cat's & Dogs
     Icelandic Cod liver oil helps give your pets coat a beautiful shine and keeps their stools regular. Personally I use cod liver oil caps from the drug store. Less expensive

15. This is my Vet's website, he will do telephone Appt's
     Dr. Cable (Mike) is a wonderful Vet, He is amazing to go see. He schedules appt.s so he can spend time with you and your furbaby in the waiting room. While your pet is checking him out, He is examining your baby. I wish everyone could come meet him. He know's what he's talking about! And he's taught me a lot.

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