Links for Friends from MySpace and Beyond!

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1. Tall Cat Tales
     Super fun group to meow in, tell stories, share poems, and sip coffee or tea in a coffee house fur cats! We love it!

2. The Late Late Show Act IV
     It was created by a family of cats known on Catster as "The Fiends". Everycat is welcomed at The Late Late Show. It is the largest thread on Catster and Dogster. So large, in fact, that we're up to Act IV. If you're up late and looking for company and good conversation, stop by. We're around during week nights, but Friday nights are special . . . P&P . . . Poetry & Pizza!!! Starting around 6 p.m. Catster time (Pacific Coast Time) cats start arriving. All types of pizza is available on the buffet. You can bring a poem to recite or not. Some Fridays it's lots of poems, some Fridays it's just lots of conversation. Poems can be from the classical to funny, about cats or not. You can grab some pizza, sit by the fireplace and watch or join in. Although The Fiends drop in occasionally, they no longer manage The Late Late Show, saying it belongs to all Catsters, but it is accepted that our family, The A Team, are the proprietors. We invite all to attend, sit back, relax and have fun.

3. The Fuzzy Prince And Princess Club
     A place fur royal balls and pawtees

4. Purrfect Expressions
     Fun Artistic Group

5. My Name Is Alice Game

6. Gimme 5 Game

7. Dog Trivia

8. Cat Trivia

9. Favorite Song Game

10. The Furriend Below Me Game

11. Name A Celebrity Game

12. Alaphabet Movie Game

13. Change A Letter Game

14. Cat Of The Week Thread

15. Dog Of The Week Thread

16. Knock Knock Fun

17. Membership Card Pick-Up

18. Princess Cassiecat's Greetlets Art Contests
     This is a place fur fun! If you would like to participate you must be a meowspace furriend of the contest site, unless I hold a special contest fur Catster members only. What is a Greetlet? A Greetlet is a picture of you creatively altered with fun stuff from To create one you must go there and start up a free account, it is easy and there are step by step instructions. If you can sign up here, you can do it there. :) There is a set theme always! I release a bulletin saying that I am taking entries, like right now I am taking entries fur Best Pirate Greetlets. I will not start voting until I have at least 12 Entries. You are not allowed to use any other graphics except from the Greetlets site. Your Greetlet must be 100% you and Greetlets Only. When voting starts you get 5 votes, one pur greetlet and no voting fur yourself. So come on everypawdy lets get those entries in! Send them Via message to me at the Contest site :) Some of mew have banners fur the last contest, so purrlease pick them up, they in the pictures section marked Best Cool Cat Winners. Those of mew that have them are~ Majong Malakai Clive Tater Roger Bleu Mac Thank Mew!! Loves, Princess Cassiecat

19. Background Images
     Some background images mew can use fur mewr pages :)

20. The Black Cat Irish Pub
     We go to a different country every month!

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