Links for Well Beings

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1. Old Mother Hubbard
     Quality foods for dogs and cats made in the US. Never appeared on the recall list.

2. Blue Seal
     Quality pet foods never appeared on the recall list.

3. Blue Dog Bakery
     Based in Seattle, WA natural treats wholesome ingredients.

4. Three Dog Bakery
     More wholesome delicious treats. Made in Topeka KS!

5. Beggar Dog Biscuits
     All Natural Made in Portland, OR. Portland was voted one of the most "dog friendly" cities in the U.S.

6. Pet Food Recall List

7. Tips for buying safe pet foods
     Video from / The Today Show

8. Safe Food List-Dogs

9. Safe Pet Food List - Cats

10. Toxic Toys
     Some Wal-Mart toys were pulled after lead and other toxins were found in the paints.

11. FDA article about pet products

12. Time Magazine Article - August 2007
     Coverage of pet food and toy recalls

     Virgie's mom's site. Products for your pet.

14. Cairn Terrier Gifts Network
     Complete Collection of Cairn Collectables!

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