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!!!!!!!!**ottawa-area pets**!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!kool dogs!!!!!!!!!
!!dogs rock!!
"canadian golden retrievers" who want to be friends with other goldens...
"newfoundlands" rock all sox!
"shadow's " only
#1 double trouble!!!
#1 gotta have a jack!!!!!
#1 gotta have a siberian husky!!!!!!
•dogs and puppies in ontario•
•dogs and puppies in southern ontario•
•dogs in canada•
♥cute pets forever♥
♥lowermainland labs♥
♥~bc canine~♥
***~~~new start pooches~~~***
**crazy animal felines**
**lab lovers group**
**sup pup?!
*canadian saints*
*pitbull love*
...kingston dogs...
1xxchihuahua lovexx
pit bulls in ont,canada
A coat of a diffrent color
A group made for pure white siberian huskies!!
Acadians pets!
Afghan hound/golden retriever x
Ajax leash free park
Alberta cats
Alberta chi chums
Alberta dog rescue and resources
Alberta prey-model
Alberta shelties
Albertan's german shepherds
All dogs & cats invited
American bulldogs of canada
American eskimos reunited at last
Anatolian shepherd
Animals in disasters
Any pups or kitties from windsor ontario???
Apartment pups
Audrey hepburn fans furrever
B.c. doggie friendz
Bcs of canada
Beagles rule the dog world!
Beautiful bears
Best friends fover
Bichon buddies
Bichon lovers of ontario
Bigs paws only!!
Blazing border collies
Blues group
Border hounds
Boston terrier bostons r us
Boston terriers in british columbia
Boxer lovers
Boxers of canada united
Brantford shiba lovers
British columbia doggy play dates
British columbian pug!!!
Bubba's playmates
Bugs about town..
Bullmastiffs for life
Bullmastiffs of ontario!
Bully breed lovers
Calgary chihuahuas
Calgary dog play group
Calgary pint size pup place
Canada dogs unite!
Canada yorkies and yorkie mixes
Canadian beagles
Canadian boxers coffee club
Canadian bulldogs
Canadian canines
Canadian canines♥
Canadian cavaliers!!
Canadian conformation competitors
Canadian dogs and puppies!
Canadian doxies unite!
Canadian minpins
Canadian pei babies
Canadian poo-bi's
Canadian pups and kittys!
Canadian service dogs
Canadian yorkie hangout
Canuck canines
Canucks to the rescue
Cat-o- holic
Cats living with pit bulls in harmony ♥ :0)
Catster's of victoria, bc canada
Chasin' tails dog care center.
Chesapeaks rule!
Chico's friends 4 ever!!!
Chihuahuas in the lower mainland of british columbia
Chocolate lab lovers
Chocolate labs
Chorkies or if you prefer yorkie_chi
Crazy cats
Crazy lazy loco dogs clan
Creature comfort pet emporium friends
Cutie petuties
Darla & zoe, hound power
Dcsic: dogster's and catster's secret identity club
Diary dogs
Disc dogs
Dog & cat mamas
Dogford park - brantford, ontario
Doggie dance club
Doggie play dates
Doggy play time in ontario
Dogs & cats in the lower mainland (bc, canada)
Dogs in newfoundland
Dogs with "atypical cushings'
Dogster canada
Dogwood rescue
Downtown vancouver doggies!
Durham region doggies
Eastern canada chow chow| chinese shar-meetup group
Edmonton's pets
Elliot lake pooches
Everyone loves bichons
Flyball ontario
For all dogs!even mixes
For the love of labradors!
Fraser valley pits
Free graphics
French bulldogs canada
Frolicing friends
Fur friendly park
Furkids yorkies r us
German shepard rescue
Golden graces
Golden puppies
Golden retriever in quebec
Golden retrievers in british columbia
Goldens for life
Grande prairie pets!
Gta bt's!!!
I ♥ my pom
I love my catahoula leopard dog and my catahoula leopard dog mix
I love my cute dog
Iluv my golden retrievers
Island 22 crew
Jack russell club of canada
Jack russells of canada and their friends
Jones chihuahuas
K9 canada
Kamloops dogsters
Kit-kat cattery
Kitchener-waterloo, ontario dog club
Kitten corner
Kootenay k9
L.o.v.e them all
Lab lovers of halton
Lab/shepherd cross dogs
Labradoodles and goldendoodles
Labrador retrievers at large
Labrador retrievers of canada
Labs of niagara canada
Leading the pack -- calgary and area...
Left out of groups
Let duke the guide/service dog be with his partner!
Listowel and area dogs unite
Live , love , bark !
Love me luv my shih tzu
Love my havanese
Love your pug
Loving your brt :)
Malamutes r us
Maltese shih tzu gang
Manitoba labrador/golden retrievers
Max's anti bird or cat group
Maxy's homemade puppy treats
Military pooches and the families
Mini schnauzers of the great white north
Miniture dobermans rock!
Mississauga mutts
Montreal active dogs
Montreal beagles
Montreal pets
Morkie ville
Mutts r us - canadian version!
My name is patch!!!
Navan animal rescue corporation (narc)
No mas
North american german shepherds
North park dog park brampton ontario
North york pets (toronto, ontario)
Oakville k-9's
Ok dogs
Omg - she opened the leash drawer! lets freak!
Onatrio paw scouts
One-eyed dogs/cats unite
Ontario american eskimos
Ontario chi's
Ontario dog group
Ontario german shepherds
Ontario golden retrievers
Ontario puppals
Ottawa & area dogs meet
Ottawa area malamutes
Ottawa dog blog
Ottawa dogster network (odn)
Ottawa, ontario maltese lovers
Ottawa, ontario, canada cats rule
Our life long friends
Paws for a cause
Pawsitive match rescue - calgary, ab
Peace pup
Pet contests
Pet daycare club
Pet friendly calgary alberta
Pet's of sherwood park!!
Peterborough ontario dogs
Petfinder pooches rule!
Pets and their owners
Pitbull lover 4 life
Pitt bull lovers
Point pleasant park
Pomie lovers
Poms in alberta
Pour ceux qui parle français!
Prairie pup's
Preciouse poms!
Procter and gamble and natura don't mix.
Pug city
Pug's rock!
Pups around pg and all of northern bc!!!!
Québec pets
Rainbow doggy
Raw feeders rock
Rescued pets
Rescues rock!
Retired greyhound racers and lovers
Retriever and friends
Rocketdog training and pet care
Rottie s of canada
Rottweiler cross german shepherds only
Rottweiler owners.
Royal corgi club
Russian white kitties
Sarnia puppals
Saskatchewan boxer lovers
Saskatchewan doggies
Save the starving street dogs
Say no to ear cropping
Search and rescue dogs of canada!
Sheltie meet up!
Shiba inus of canada
Shih tzu cutie pies
Shih tzu fans
Shih tzu's unite
Shih-tzu's of canada
Siamese pawty
Size matters
Smaland hounds
Small dog lovers
Small dogs are awsome! :d
Small dogs in bc
Snow dogs ontario
Soft-coated wheatons unite!!!
Southern calgary pups
St. bernards - toronto: we rock/and drool
Standard schnauzers
Sweet pet
The birthday & gotcha club
The canadian sheltie association
The cute ones
The dog park ;)
The dogs
The eskipoos
The happy dogs
The happy poodles!12345poodle
The little uns
The montreal boston tea party
The pei smalls
The pomeranian owners society
The retrevers!!
The sally fan club
The shubie s-disturbers
The super awsome l cool hasa apso group
Thompson, manitoba, canada dogs
Those dogs
Those dogs :)
Titus and galuteus doggie spa
Toni's table
Toon town hounds
Toronto dog group
Toronto dogs
Toronto dogs united
Toronto pugs
Toronto shih tzu fans
Toronto, ontario doggy group
Totoredaca leash free park
Totoredaca pals
Tough dogz
Trout lake
Tv luvers
Valley bulldogs
Vancouver island doggers
Vancouver, british columbia doggies and friends!
Want a cookie co ( gourmet dog cookies ) no wheat no corn, no sugar
Welsh corgis
Windsor's pug lovers
Winnipeg's small dogs
Yoranian's r us
~*~ canada canines~*~
~*~all the mutts of the world~*~
~*~bichon buddies~*~
~ashlee lovers:big group of friends!!!!~
~hamilton houndogs~
~shelties of newfoundland~
•·.·´¯`·.·•magical companions•·.·´¯`·.·•

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