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  Group Name Description Location Members  Details
  Rotten Rompin' Rotties
(Rottweiler )
Share your stories, good and bad...
Rottweiler owners and the doggies that love them! Pennsylvania, United States  558 join
  We Support Spay Neuter
Support spay neuter
"People who let their dogs and cats have litters in order... [more]   557 join
  Dal Pals
(Dalmatian )
Let's hear it for Fire Dogs!
A place for spotted dogs and their people to interact!   556 join
  *Modern Dog*
*We are the Modern Dogs*
*All doggies can join! You will always have fun here at... [more]   555 join
(Dachshund )
Man is a dog's idea of what God should be. ... [more]   554 join
  American cocker spaniel lovers unite
(American Cocker Spaniel)
For the love of Cockers
Cocker Spaniels rule! Share pics, stories, set up meetings......... [more]   551 join
  The Rat Lounge
(Rat Terrier )
The perfect place to chat about the Rat
This is a group for Rat Terrier lovers. A place to... [more]   551 join
  Papillon Pals
(Papillon (and Phalene) )
Papillon Devotees
A forum for Papillon lovers to share stories and exchange tips... [more]   550 join
  ♥the dogs of Texas♥
Texas dogs just have more fun!
Only dogs who live in the great state of TEXAS please!!... [more] Houston, Texas, United States  549 join
  Simple Scraps 4 Dogs & Cats!
Gotta Get Me Some SCRAPS!
This is the place to scrap your fur babies! Homegrown In Texas...somewhere, Texas, United States  543 join
  Siberian huskies
(Siberian Husky )
a group for siberian huskies to chat United Kingdom  530 join
  GSDs World
(German Shepherd)
Proud to be a GSD
Join the German Shepherds World   530 Invite Only
  Pampered Pomeranian's
(Pomeranian )
Talk about your Pom's with love and care
Have a Pampered Pomeranian? Might as well join! California, United States  527 join
  For the Love of Cats and Dogs
come one come all
welcome all animals and family members Indpls, Indiana, United States  527 Invite Only
  West Highland Terriers
(West Highland Terrier )
For the Love of Westies   527 join
  ♣ Furiends'N'Fun ♣
(Mixed Breed)
Pass around the FUN!
Games are Fun with furiends! This Group is dedicated to... [more] Sanford, Florida, United States  526 join
  Muppet's Bucket (HQ-approved fundraiser)
Let's fill Muppet's Bucket!
HQ-approved Fundraiser. This group will help raise funds for Muppet's necessary... [more]   526 join
  Gorgeous Goldens
(Golden Retriever)
Gorgeous as can be!
Every golden is a gorgeous golden   524 join
  Rowdy Naughty Bawdy Cats and Dogs
Come on, let's get rowdy and have fun!
A place where cats and dogs can come and be rowdy... [more] Smyrna (suburban Atlanta), Georgia, United States  520 join
  All About Labs
(Labrador Retriever)
Where Lab Lovers come together!
"Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives... [more]   519 join
  Totally Terrific Terriers (T-cubed)
We are mighty!
Welcome all bundles of energy known as terriers (including terrier mixes)... [more]   518 join
In support of our American troops!
This is a group to show support for our men and... [more] United States  517 join
  !!!!!!!Rescued Pets!!!!!!!!!
Rescued Pets Here
Help all pets have a forever home!!!!!!!!!   515 join
  The Furry Federation
Furry Friends in the Star Trek Universe
A United Group of Furry Friends from Empires and Civilizations from... [more]   511 join
For the love of POMs!
An active group for all Pomeranian lovers, no matter size, color... [more]   510 join
 (Page 9 of 477: Viewing groups 201 to 225)  
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