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  Group Name Description Location Members  Details
(Cavalier King Charles Spaniel)
Our Beautiful Cavaliers!
This group is for Cavaliers only! All colors are welcomed with... [more]   731 Invite Only
  Fashion Club
Let's Talk Fashion!!!!!!
Talk about the latest Doggie and Kitty fashions California, United States  729 join
  Border Collie Mania
(Border Collie )
Border Collies from around the world
If you have em or love em, come on in and... [more]   715 join
  Squeaky & Fuzzy, for the Love of Toys
Squeak! Pounce! Play!
this group is for Cats & Dogs that can't get through... [more]   707 join
  Cat & Dog Plaza
Contests, Friends, & More!
Make friends and win prizes! Woodbury, United States  705 join
  ****Staffies & Bullie breeds forever****
(Staffordshire Bull Terrier )
Bullie Breeds forever
A page for all Staffiies, Pitts, Mastiffs & any bullie big... [more] Watford, United Kingdom  698 join
  **Environmentally Friendly Cats & Dogs (EFCD)**
Go green cats & dogs!!!
We are a bunch of green cats & dogs who care... [more]   691 join
  *Michigan PupPals*
Make new friends and bark local info.
Michigan Pup Meetup for woofers of all sizes! Michigan, United States  687 join
Listen. Learn. Educate.
For pets and people who support animal rescue and spaying/neutering. We... [more] Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States  687 join
  ☻Paw Pals☻
Welcome to Paw Pals!
Fun in games!   681 join
  Friends of the Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary
Helping Blind Cats See A Future!
Welcome! We're all supporters and friends of the Blind Cat Rescue... [more]   679 Invite Only
  PDPC's School of Graphics!!
School on how to make edited/animations
Have you ever wanted to learn how to make EDITED... [more] Augusta, Georgia, United States  677 join
  !!! VetpetMD - Health resource for pets !!!
Symptom Search Database and More!
Online health and lifestyle magazine for pets and their people! ... [more] Arkansas, United States  677 join
  The Pound Puppy Project
Spreadin' Some Real Dogster Love
Welcome to the Pound Puppy Project! We're a community of Dogsters... [more]   673 join
  Boston Terrier Bostons r Us
(Boston Terrier)
For the Love and care of the breed
A group for Boston Terrier lovers our Main site is [more] Lumby, British Columbia, Canada  672 join
  ! ♥ Ðivã ©ã†$ & ÐõG$ ♥ !
Do you have the diva 'tude?
We are divas with attitude   668 join
  Bassets Drool
(Basset Hound )
For all those droolers out there   665 join
  Mini Schnauzer's Rock!!!
(Miniature Schnauzer )
No love like Schnauzer love!
Hi welcome if you are a lover of Mini Schnauzers   664 join
  ♥Pawrayer and Pawraise♥
Pawrayer and Pawraise
This is a CHRISTIAN group for PRAYERS N PRAISE.   661 join
  Las Vegas Dogs
Viva Las Vegas Dogs
This group is for people/dogs living in the Las Vegas &... [more] Las Vegas, Nevada, United States  653 join
  !Border Collie's Only!
(Border Collie)
Border Collies Rule
Border Collies (and border collie mixes) should enter! Pennsylvania, United States  649 join
  Who Let The Dogs Out
Help us support our TROOPS
Go where No dog has gone before   640 join
  *Stop Animal Abuse*
Help the animals
For every dog that wants animal abuse to stop   639 join
  The Rainbow Bridge
Over the rainbow
"Just this side of heaven is a place called rainbow bridge"... [more] Clayton, New York, United States  623 join
  ~Royal Pits~
(American Pit Bull Terrier )
All Pitbulls are welcome!!!
Pitbulls=Royalty Santa Fe, New Mexico, United States  619 join
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