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  Group Name Description Location Members  Details
  Dogster's Next Top Model
Be A Superstar Model
The #1 Show on Dogster TV Virginia, United States  851 join
  ♥♥Christian Dogs and Cats♥♥
Christian Dogs and Cats Fellowship
Hi EveryFur! Welcome to the Christian Dogs and Cats ... [more] United States  849 join
  Adams™ Flea Fighting Group
Safety is a priority when fighting fleas
We make life better for animals and their people   846 join
Get FaNaTiCAL Over Sports ★
Football, Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, Golf, Olympics, Nascar, Every Sport Fan Zone... [more]   841 join
  The Hazel Lucy Appreciation Society
We love Hazel Lucy
Catsters who make a difference   839 join
  YorkieVille United
Heaven's little angels on Earth...
  For the Love of Beagles
Everything Beagle
Lets talk about Beagles United States  829 join
  !~!~!~CUTEST PUPPYS EVER!~!~!~!~
Anyones Alowed
CUTE dogs must stick toghether Benicia, California, United States  826 join
  ♥ The Pom Poms ♥
Pawriffic Poms
♥ For the Love of Pomeranians ♥ United States  823 join
  "Black-and-tan Dogz of the world"
b-a-t's Rule!! (black-and-tan's)
a group 4 all black-and-tan dog!! United States  817 join
(Mixed Breed)
Mutt~Say it LOUD & say it PROUD
The name says it all, don't you think? California, United States  815 join
  Catster Marketplace
Made by Catsters, For Catsters
Do you make something cool? This group is for sharing and... [more]   811 join
  Animal Rescue
We Pause For Paws
Giving Animals A Second Chance   788 join
  doodle connection
The Doodle House
Where the Doodles Chill!!   782 join
  Am I not cute?
For all
For the little ones that we love Massachusetts  779 join
  Cute Chis
(Chihuahua )
The biggest little dog around!
A group for Chis and their owners United States  773 join
  Ohio's Friendly Dogs
O-H-I-O! We love the Buckeye state!!!
Ohio dogs who want to share stories, make friends and have... [more]   767 Invite Only
(Jack Russell Terrier)
Why just dig when you can excavate?
This group belongs to all JRTs because all of them are... [more]   760 join
  Great Danes Unite!!!
(Great Dane )
Are you loved by a Great Dane?
Are you loved by a dane? Welcome to the family!... [more]   752 join
  Fur Frenzy
Play with us.....We promise not to bite!
Where Dogs and Cats can come and play together!! Shhh.... we... [more] United States  750 join
k-9 & felines that have a kind heart
welcome to a Have a Heart Orlando, Florida, United States  743 join
  ♥Mixed Breeds Rule!♥
(Breed Unknown)
Mixed breeds are so cute!
All Mixed breed Cats and Dogs can Join!   742 join
A Group For Feline Kings & Queens (All Kitty's Are Kings... [more] Greenville, North Carolina, United States  742 join
  ***********Best *Friends *in *the *Whole *Wide *World**********
**Best friends in the whole wide world**
Our pets are our.......................   732 join
  Weimaraner World Domination Organization
Weimaraner Nation: Join the Revolution!
Taking over the World...One Weim at a Time! Magnolia, Texas, United States  731 join
 (Page 6 of 477: Viewing groups 126 to 150)  
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