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  Group Name Description Location Members  Details
We love their stinky A**
What's not to love about Bullys & no certain states needed... [more] United States  86 Invite Only
  Gainesville Agility Fans
(Breed Unknown)
Want an Agility club in Gainesville?
All dogs in the Gainesville/North Florida area that love agility or... [more] Florida, United States  20 join
pug, black, black pugs
This group page is for all the black pugs out there....welcome!... [more] Dallas, Texas, Texas, United States  181 join
  Maryland Outdoor Club
Maryland LOVES dogs!
This group is for the dogs that belong to MOC members... [more] Maryland, United States  9 join
Inu to Neko!
A group for all pets named after Japanese Anime or Manga... [more]   67 join
  Philly pups
Philly's finest pups!
Living in Philly is a fun job, but some dog's gotta'... [more]   18 join
(Cavalier King Charles Spaniel )
CKCS Lovers
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel owners or breed lovers   350 join
(Vizsla )
Vizsla Love
For all of those who love Vizslas   444 join
  Connecticut K-9's!
~the coolest state~
For all those dogs living in CT! Connecticut, United States  232 join
  For the love of the chase
(Border Collie )
Border collies, unite and give chase!
For border collies and other herding dogs   118 join
Puggles rock
For anyone that loves Puggles!   304 join
  Green Puppy Bulldogs
(Bulldog )
Love those Bullys
A Group for Parents of Purebred Bulldogs (English) Minnesota, United States  51 Invite Only
  Caped Crusaders
Saving the world one paw at a time!
A group for animals who are therapy or service workers   26 Invite Only
  *My Dog Lives Colorado*
Mile High Doggies
~Pups in CO~ Colorado, United States  457 join
  Doxies And Chihuahuas
(Dachshund )
A place to come and brag on your furry friends Florida, United States  8 Invite Only
  The Rat Lounge
(Rat Terrier )
The perfect place to chat about the Rat
This is a group for Rat Terrier lovers. A place to... [more]   551 join
  BabeYorkies Yorkie All pet group
(Yorkshire Terrier)
Yorkies all other Doggy breed group ~
Calling all pet lovers Come join in have some doggy or... [more] New York, United States  392 join
  Border Collie Mania
(Border Collie )
Border Collies from around the world
If you have em or love em, come on in and... [more]   715 join
  American Brittany Rescue
(Brittany )
American Brittany Rescue
PROMOTING - American Brittany Rescue across the United States. Those... [more] Helmetta, New Jersey, United States  114 join
For pug owners only.
Sharing and caring are cool, a place for pug owners to... [more]   8 Invite Only
  The Canine Collective
In space, no one can hear you howl.
Welcome to Canis Major, a neutral station open to animals of... [more]   15 join
  Florida Bulldogs
(Bulldog )
All Bulldog Breeds Welcome
This is a group for All types of Bulldog Lovers &... [more] Florida, United States  125 join
  Skin Kids
Hairless pets and their owners.
A group for HAIRLESS beauties! Chinese Cresteds, Xolos, PIOs, Sphinx... [more]   148 Invite Only
  Maltese Group
(Maltese )
For the Love of The Maltese Breed!
For People who love the Maltese Breed.   564 join
  The Kerry Blues
(Kerry Blue Terrier )
Gotta love those Blues!
A Group for Those of Us Owned by a Kerry Blue... [more]   34 join
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