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  Group Name Description Location Members  Details
  Neopolitan Mastiffs!
(Neapolitan Mastiff)
Every other breed is just a dog!
A group for Neo owners or people who just love the... [more] California, United States  110 join
  Clicker trained dogs and clicker training
Trick, *click*, treat!
This is a group to discuss clicker training, inform people about... [more]   118 join
  Michigan Dog Rescues
Michigan animal rescue
This is a group for anyone who has rescued or adopted... [more] Michigan, United States  196 join
  Big pals with new kitties at home
big pals, little brothers/sisters
A group to talk about all issues of having a little... [more] Argentina  9 join
  Peanuts Pals
(Chihuahua )
Chihuahua Dachshund mix
for any of peanuts pals or for anyone with a chi/mix... [more] Florida, United States  98 join
  What up S. Tampa Dawgs
Welcome Dogs and Owners from S. Tampa
Welcome dogs and owners from the South Tampa Area Florida, United States  30 join
  Himalayan Cats!
furballs only!
group to discuss Himalayan cats-personality traits, grooming, feeding, etc   337 join
  Japanese Chin
(Japanese Chin )
We love our Chin
For all Japanese Chin and their owners to come together United States  196 join
  Devon Lovers Club
Devon's Rule!
If you are a Devon, love a Devon or are owned... [more]   28 join
  Golden Retrievers
for the love of golden retrievers
all about goldens and there owners   167 join
  ~~~~OREGON DOG LOVERS!!!!~~~~
Oregon dog lovers
Great Group for Oregonian Dog Lovers Oregon, United States  258 join
  ♥ Maltese Mommys ♥
Wags & brags & advice that doesn't bite!
Maltese Mommy & Me play group New York, United States  2243 join
  White Boxers
(Boxer )
White Boxers=TRUE Love
For all those who share the great LOVE of a white... [more] Indiana, United States  303 join
  Wacky Weimaraners!
(Weimaraner )
Raising Grey FurKids
My Weim is smarter than your honor student...   439 join
  Irish Wolfhounds of Dogster
(Irish Wolfhound)
No, we don't wear saddles
A group for all Irish Wolfhound owners and lovers!   109 join
  All-Black German Shepherd Dog Lovers
(German Shepherd)
Black is Beautiful!
A group for those who love the beautiful, yet under-appreciated, all-black... [more]   72 Invite Only
  North Dakota Dogs
North Dakota
For all the dogs in the state of North Dakota. North Dakota, United States  61 join
  Charlestown Canines
Charlestown Townie Dogs
Charlestown Dogs Chill Here Massachusetts, United States  5 join
  British Shorthairs
(British Shorthair)
Brilliant Brits
"Oh you can't help that. Most everyone's mad here." -Cheshire... [more]   125 join
  Awesome Aussies!
If you have an Aussie, this is for you!
Aussies are like potato chips, you can't have just one!   76 join
  Irish Setter Club
Got a Setter?
For the love of setters   27 join
  Boston Terrier
(Boston Terrier )
A fun group for Boston Terrier Lovers
For the LOVE of Boston's Indiana, United States  446 join
  German Shorthaired Pointers!
(German Shorthaired Pointer )
Bark! Run! Fetch! Bark! Run! Fetch!
A place for GSP owners and admirers!   309 join
  Shiffon Owners Get together here.(Brussels Griffon/Shih Tzu Mix)
Lap sitters, and cuddlers welcome!
Brussels Griffon/Shih Tzu Mix are special...   78 join
  The Chiminpin Bin
Mighty Mites
Celebrating that wonderful doggie cocktail of Chihuahua & Miniature Pincher! California, United States  9 join
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