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  Group Name Description Location Members  Details
  Ohio English Bullies
(Bulldog )
chewers of the world unite
English Bulldog lovers Columbus, Ohio, United States  36 Invite Only
  Australian Shepherds
(Australian Shepherd )
The ORIGINAL Aussie Group!
For Aussie or Aussie mixie owners, admirers, or lovers!   1048 join
(Chihuahua )
  Shelties "R" Us
For Sheltie Lovers
Thank Heavens for Shelties!!!   146 join
  Blind Dogs & The People Who Love Them
For blind or visually-impaired dogs
For blind or visually-impaired dogs   126 join
  Beagle Buddies
(Beagle )
Beagle Buddies
The #1 Beagle gruop our there. For Beagle lovers only! United States  587 join
  Dog Lovers
Motto: If life gives you lemons, make dog treats! Los Angeles, California, United States  117 join
  Squeaky & Fuzzy, for the Love of Toys
Squeak! Pounce! Play!
this group is for Cats & Dogs that can't get through... [more]   707 join
  Weimaraner - Las Vegas Weimaraner Club & Rescue
Help Raise Weimaraner Awareness, Have Lots of Weimaraner Fun Play Dates... [more] Las Vegas, Nevada, United States  11 Invite Only
  South Carolina Kidney Beans
(Boxer )
For the love of a Boxer.
A group for all SC Boxer Lovers South Carolina, United States  10 Invite Only
  GLOBAL CAT CHAT incorporated!!
All over the world cat lovers and owners. english... [more] Near Köln, Germany  28 join
  German Shepherd Lovers
Have you hugged your GSD today??
A group for anyone who loves GSD's of any color.   196 join
  The Lazy Hounds Club
We love to sleep and are good at it!
Heck with catching tennis balls or running around-I'd rather be a... [more]   45 join
  American Eskimos United!!
(American Eskimo Dog)
We may be little, but we can be tough!!
The little loves of our lives United States  181 join
We are the perfect mix!
Shih Tzu-Poodle mix   22 join
  Chet Chats
Wisdom from a geezer!
Are you my kitty pal? Let's chat! United States  2 Invite Only
  Sibes of the Great Lakes
(Siberian Husky )
Tribes of Sibes
Welcome All Siberian Husky Lovers Michigan, United States  190 join
  Florida Sunshine Siberians!
Livin' in paradise*
Siberians livin' in the Sunshiney state of Florida! All sibes welcome... [more] Florida, United States  32 join
  McCarren Park Dog Run - Williamsburg Brooklyn
McCarren Park Dog Run
For dogs (and their owners) who frequent the McCarren Park Dog... [more] Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York, United States  68 join
  Dogs and Cats with a Myspace
Myspace dogs and cats
For all those Dogster dogs/Catster cats with a Myspace!, North Carolina, United States  150 join
  Pennsylvania Dogs
The Wonderful PA Paws
Wagging your tail in PA?! Come on in. Pennsylvania  365 join
  Bassadors About Town (and Everywhere Else!)
Smart *and* Stubbon!
A group for that special Basset Hound / Labrador Retriever in... [more]   159 join
  Maine Coons
(Maine Coon)
Mystical Maine Coons
For all Maine Coon Lovers and their "owners". Pennsylvania, United States  35 Invite Only
  All Things Pug
(Pug )
Welcome Pugs and Pug lovers
Group discussion about all things pug! Spring City, Tennessee, United States  393 join
  Black dogs
Black of fur, heart of gold
Come out of the shadows!   124 join
 (Page 446 of 454: Viewing groups 11126 to 11150)  
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