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  Group Name Description Location Members  Details
  Worldwide Pen PAWS
Become a Worldwide Pen PAW because we've got our Paws united... [more] San Francisco The City By The, California, United States  2850 join
  ~Shih Tzus and Friends United~
(Shih Tzu)
Shih Tzus & Friends UNITED!
Hello and welcome to STAFU A.K.A. Shih Tzus & Friends United!... [more] All Over The World!!  2806 join
  ♥A TEAM♥
~The Angel Team~
A Team - Helping Fur Angels Get Their Wings - Also... [more]   2699 join
  Pug Pals
Pug Pal Pack
A Pug Friendly Group South Bend, Indiana, United States  2677 join
  ~*~Princess Divas ~&~ Prince Charmings!~*~
Welcome all Royal Dogs & Cats!
This is for us spoiled dogs & cats that are treated... [more] Augusta, A, United States  2599 join
  !!!! Cutest Pups of the World !!!!
We pups got to stick together!
Think your cute? Well than join! California, United States  2509 join
  ☞Snoop Dog Beagleys, LLC☆
Saving the world - One hound at a time!
FOR BEAGLES AND BEAGLE MIXES ONLY The Beagledom, United States  2445 Invite Only
  ★★★Hollywood Pups, Rockstar Fabulous!!★★★
Glamour and Glitz, Rocks the House!!
A place where, fun, friendship and parties are a way... [more]   2439 join
* A HOUSE IS NOT A HOME WITHOUT PRECIOUS CHIHUAHUA'S... [more] Ravenna, Texas, United States  2420 join
  ♥ Maltese Mommys ♥
Wags & brags & advice that doesn't bite!
Maltese Mommy & Me play group New York, United States  2243 join
  The United Pug Foundation (U.P.F.)
Where Pugs,Smoosh Noses & Friends unite!
Welcome to the UPF Mansion Resort For pugs and pups... [more] Kentucky, United States  2189 join
  ^*^Over The Rainbow^*^
Rainbow Bridge
We provide a forever voice for all furbabies and support, love,... [more] United States  2187 join
  Boxers International
Where Boxers Rule!100% Wiggle 100% Fun!
Welcome all Boxers from all over the world. We're all... [more] Boxer Kingdom  2092 join
  ♥~Husky ♥ers 4~Ever~♥
(Siberian Husky)
AROOOOOWOOOOO GIVEN AWAY BIG {{{{{HUSKY HUGS & LICKS}}}}} to all Huskies... [more] Selma, California, United States  2033 join
I can't think of anything to put here
Until he extends the circle of his compassion to all living... [more]   2032 join
  Bullies are Good Dogs, Too!
(American Pit Bull Terrier )
Don't hate me because I'm a bully!
Pit Bulls, Staffordshire Terriers, American Bulldogs, all misunderstood bullies welcome here!... [more]   2008 join
  The FURminator┬« Group For Dogs
Love your pet, hate the shedding?®
Come have some fun with us!   1978 join
  light a candle....
we will light a candle or pray for you!
a loving prayergroup with a petchurch,we support and love those in... [more] Koog A/d Zaan, Netherlands  1951 join
!!!Animals Have feelings too !!!
Against Animal Abuse   1898 join
  For The Love of Schnauzers
(Miniature Schnauzer)
Come, stay, and relax!
"The best thing about a man is his dog." -French Proverb... [more]   1881 join
  ~ Dachshunds Forever ~
Dachshunds Trail to World Domination
- Live L O N G and Prosper - Doxies Rule!... [more] United States  1849 join
  Schnauzers Rule
(Miniature Schnauzer)
Welcome all Schnauzers
We are cute, we are smart, we are Schnauzers   1835 Invite Only
  Feliway┬« Felines
Feliway the Love
Don't let behavior problems come between you and your cat   1832 join
  Spoiled Pugs & Pups (SPP)
Pupingham Palace and Royalty
Join us in Pupingham Palace for royal pampering, where love, happiness,... [more]   1720 join
  Pinoy Dogs
1st Philippine Dogs' Group on Dogster. "Pinoy Dogs" basically means dogs... [more] Philippines  1641 join
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