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  Group Name Description Location Members  Details
  ^^^Angels from above^^^
you're still alive in our hearts
In memory of all pets no longer with us   508 join
  Australian Cattle Dogs
(Australian Cattle Dog )
A good ACD is a tired ACD
A group for Australian Cattle Dogs   507 join
  I'm a Mini Weenie!!!
(Miniature Dachshund)
Mini Weenies we're not what's for dinner
This group is for miniature Dachshunds but all breeds and friends... [more] La Puente / Hacienda Heights, California, United States  504 join
  ~*I love Lucy*~
All pretty girls with the name Lucy
We love our Lucy!!   503 join
  100+ pounders club.."Large and in charge"
spit happens!
For best friend   502 join
  The Furry Federation
Furry Friends in the Star Trek Universe
A United Group of Furry Friends from Empires and Civilizations from... [more]   500 join
  All American Shelties!
(Shetland Sheepdog)
Shelties from Sea to Shining Sea
All kinds of Shetland Sheepdogs from the 50 states United States  491 join
Brusselball...found ONLY on Catster!
Come play brusselball with a useless veggie!   488 join
  !!!! Treat Pup Lovers !!!!
Treat lovers unite.
If you love treats join. California, United States  487 join
  Min Pin Manchester Mania
(Miniature Pinscher)
Min Pin Manchester And Min Man Mixes!
For Min Pins or Manchesters or Min Pin or Manchester mixes.... [more]   484 Invite Only
  Precious Pits
(American Pit Bull Terrier )
A TRUE DOG LOVERS BREED !!!!!!!! Lake In The Hills, Illinois, United States  484 join
Dogster/Catster Meet And Greet In CA
Always wanted to meet your friends and visit HQ to meet... [more] California, United States  479 join
don't give up the fight,do what's right
in honor of bruce,who is free now. Koog A/d Zaan, Netherlands  477 join
  Boxer Town
A town where Boxers are always welcome.
Welcome to Boxer Town   477 join
  Flaming Red Heads Rock
(Breed Unknown)
Nothing Is REDiculous!
Lounge around the world in Red Head style with The Flaming... [more] San Franfuncisco, United States  475 join
  Myspace Dog Show - an online dog show!
Best of the best
This group is based on an online dog show I hold... [more] New York, United States  473 join
  Love My Pit Bull!!
(American Pit Bull Terrier )
Pit Love!
For members who love their Pit Bulls and treat them with... [more] Scranton, Pennsylvania, United States  472 join
  Dogster's Angels
We rock rainbow bridge!
Come and enjoy this great group! Ohio, United States  470 join
WE ARE FUNDAWGS! No hoomans please, just us dawgs! ... [more] Ottawa, Canada  469 Invite Only
Your very own home site
A gated community for all furs to live in peaceful harmony,... [more] Anywhere In The World  469 join
  Dogster Guardian Angels
Rainbow Bridge Angels
Guardian Angels who watch over Dogster Fur-babies Helmetta, New Jersey, United States  468 join
  Puppy Pals (Big and Small)
Puppy Pals
To all pups big and small join this group United States  467 join
Purr/Woof Power
Welcome to the group. I hope you find the info here... [more]   466 join
  Naughty Pup Club
Dirty deeds done dirt cheap
This group is for the naughtiest of the naughty. If you're... [more]   463 Invite Only
  Texas doggies
any dog liven in Texas
All Texas dogs Texas, United States  463 join
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