W.T.P (We The Pets)

we the pets
we the pets love our owners and are loved back
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February 20 , 2009

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New! rules dont worry easy to follow
2/20 10:22pm
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»mean kitty song (sparta)
»funny pets tell me if u think its funny!
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this is a dog and cat as bffs and thats wat this group is mainly about so ya this is a good pic

i have these pics of bffs cuz u dont have to be the same race to be friends or bffs like look at the cat and monkey or look at me i am white my friend that is very close is black so wat and my bff is asian but so wat friends are forever races are watever

keep smiling thats all P.S no deleting other peoples pics but u can delete ur own

just a funny lizard

i like frogs

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