We Love the Snuggles Project

We make blankets for shelters
This group was formed to help the Snuggles Project. We are not the Snuggles Project or Hugs for Homeless Animals. For more about the Snuggles Project, please visit www.snugglesproject.org for information, patterns, & to learn how you can help too.
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December 19 , 2006

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The Basics for Crochet/Knit Shelter Blankets
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Morgan's Beds

Wishbones Snuggle Blankets

Big blankie for the pound puppies. (One twin-sized sheet folded in half, a second sheet inside).

If you have a sheet or material that isn't thick enough when you fold it, or is too small to fold (these, btw, were curtains that someone gave to me to be made into blankies), you just put something inside of it & sew it up that way!

Donate rugs!!

Donate towels!!

Small blankie for the pound pups. (Size of a pillowcase)

Kailey Family First Snuggle Blanket

Samoa's 1st Snuggles blankie!

Toulouse's snuggle blanket

Kailey's snuggle!

A snuggle from Abbey!

Hazel Lucy's 2nd pile of Snugglers

Portia's first snuggle!

Way To Go Sparkle!

Hazel Lucy's 3rd pile of Snugglers

Portia's 14 snuggles ready for the shelter!

6 suggles, including kitty pi

Wishbone's 3d set of snuggles

Honey trying out Cat Snuggle

Sparkle's Latest Snugglers!

Kailey Family 2nd Batch of Snuggle Blankets

My first Snuggle! YaY!

Animal Care Council shelter-Endicott, NY

We took these to the Lexington Humane Society today, (Christmas Eve) and boy, were they happy to get them.

Snuggles for ACC Endicott, NY

Snuggle in use-Endicott, NY

Snuggles for ACC Endicott, NY

River's Mommys first snuggle

For the kitties!!! from Uncle Odinn's family

Snuggles for PAWS-Montclair, NJ

Part of Batch #1 for C.A.R.E. - Evanston, IL

Figaro at C.A.R.E. Evanston, IL

William at C.A.R.E. Evanston, IL


Sweet Pea at C.A.R.E. Evanston, IL

Zoey's Beautiful Snuggles!

Muffin's First Snuggles!

Muffin's First Snuggles!

Hazel Lucy's Crochet Curly Toy

Chunky Crochet Curly Toy

Penna. SPCA

for the Penna. SPCA in Philly

One Pound Mill Ends from Caron Mfgr

Plastic hat for Truman! (Phanto's Brother)

Snuggle in use - Cherry Hill, NJ PetSmart Adoption Ctr

Snuggles Delivered Oct 1, 2009

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