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The Moosehead Bar

Good Times, eh?
Newsgroup for The Moosehead Bar patrons
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February 28 , 2006

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New! We're back! Schumi,Brit's looking for you!
12/21 7:12pm
Dylan Maverick, FUNC hi
10/12 8:07pm Scooter, PAWS
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Moosehead Bar Floor Plan

Opening Night

Beau Chien - Texas Week

Calvin - Texas Week

Charley - Texas Week

Cheerio - Texas

Cougar - Texas Week

3 Daschies - Texas Week

Doby - Texas Weed

Dolly - Texas

Duke - Texas

Jelly Bean - Texas Week

Jewel - Texas Week

Kifa - Texas Week

Max - Texas Week

Meatballs - Texas Week

Minnie - Texas Week

Newt - Texas Week

Nugget - Texas Week

Penny - Texas Week

Rilie - Texas Week

Roxy - Texas Week

Sadie - Texas Week

Schumi - Texas Week

Soda - Texas Week

Tascha - Texas Week

Banky - Texas Week

Daisy - Texas Week

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