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Samoa's Pondside BBQ Bar and Sea Serpent Sighting Pier!

BBQ & Sea Serpents! Can't be beat!
You won't believe it until you see it!
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April 08 , 2008

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New! Samoa Needs to Relax!
2/07 9:24am
Samoa Needs to Relax!
2/07 9:24am
jeepers coffee and dounut shop
8/11 2:28pm
jeepers breakfast,lunch and dinner spot, here at jeepers dounut and coffee shop
8/10 12:00pm
jeepers bakery shop, at jeepers dounut and coffee shop
8/10 11:53am
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Samoa's BBQ Bar

Samoa's BBQ Bar

Savannah, Your BBQ Chef & Shore Patrol!

Lolo says "pass the ribs, mon!"

Vote Demon Flash Bandit for President!

Your Host, Samoa!

Pond Monster

Pond Monster? Or Trash Bag?

Our Pal Elvis, never to be forgotten!

Do YOU see what I see?

Please! No Chihoohahs in the Punch!

Cho the Chow...Our New Bouncer!

Winston - Diary of the Day 5/15/08

Our Cocktail Waitress, Chi-Chi LaBamba!

Thundercleese - Diary of the Day 5/21/08!

Should I wear this?

Oh, What to wear?

Kuddle a Koala!

Outback Sam-O!

Tommy - a member of the Chihoohaa Vespa Daredevil Team!

The Alaskan White House

A Beaver Looking for Something to Do.

Samoa: Diary of the Day 8/19/08!

I declare Angel to be Jelly Donut Queen!

Sea Serpent with Jelly Donut!

A Sea Serpent Carved from Cheese!



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