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For the Petz fanatic
This is a group for those who love the game by Ubisoft. It is called Dogz or Catz and have 5 different versions. Here you can adopt, trade, do contests or just show off your Petz.
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July 28 , 2006

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»Petz Central
»The Petz Warehouse
»RKC Petz Forum
»Breed Files List
»Petz Tutorials from Petz Warehouse
»Petz3 Tipz Page
»Vickie's Petz Zoo (breedfiles)
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Black Beauty and her pups

My pup Marquee :)


Bailey- This is one of Cee's catz, Bob. He's only a kitten here- Cute, huh?

Here's another one of Cee's catz. This one is named Augusta.

Do I need to say who's catz this is? This is Munchkin.

This catz is Cleo

And this catz is named Swwetie. That's all of Cee's catz.

A dog I hexed (supposed to look like a husky/rottie)

Sara the sheepdog/dali/daushund mix pup

Garfild cute and pure

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