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Oregon Outdoors

Barkin' it up in the wild outdoors!
For all those dogs who like to get out and enjoy the great outdoors of Oregon!
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August 29 , 2006

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New! Pugly House & Pet Sitter Available, For People In Portland! Dogs, Cats, Kangaroos ;) -- Portland and area
7/22 1:53pm Snort
Daisy Who here knows Mt. Tabor?
9/16 8:34am Daisy
Heffner Cool Coats
6/26 8:01pm Heffner
Heffner Quotes
3/10 6:08pm Sullivans Cloud Legacy
Heffner Skijoring!
2/23 8:51am Daisy
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Group Photos

Cape Lookout near Tillamook

Heffner and Jessie

Porter and Heffner

Heffner snowshoeing

Heffner and Marlie at Clear Lake

Heffner at Clear Lake

Heffner and Gracie at Linear Park

Heffner, Achilles, and Budha at Gearhart Beach

Heffner at OSU

Heffner and Porter at Larch Mountain

Heffner and Porter at Oxbow Park

Doggie Dash 2007

Heffner, Clara, and Jackson at PGE Park

The gang at 1,000 Acre Park

Run for the Love of Dove 2007

Hagg Lake

Heffner, Taylor, Dante, and Randall at Gearhart beach

Heffner and Taylor at Cape Lookout

Heffner and Taylor at Larch Mountain

Heffner at Lakeview Farms pumpkin patch

PIR Winter Wonderland 2007

Skijoring up at Frog Lake

Heffner, Sadie, and Misty at Angel's Rest

Heffner, Vegas, and Ryder at Hart's Cove

Marlie and Heffner at the 2008 Beaver Freezer

Doggie Dash 2008

May 2008 Bark in the Park at PGE Park

Oneonta Gorge to Triple Falls hike

Burnt Lake

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