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Mini Schnauzer's Rock!!!

No love like Schnauzer love!
Hi welcome if you are a lover of Mini Schnauzers
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January 11 , 2006

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New! Sebastian Little Black Bumps on my back
8/17 11:21am Mukaluka Dirtypaws
~~Charlie~~ GOOD FOOD for schnauzers
6/11 5:02am Pepper
Madison Grace skin problems
6/05 11:42am Madison Grace
Guinness & Wallace How do I know if my schnauzer has diabetes?
2/05 6:08pm Guinness & Wallace
Margot Grooming Accident
1/05 6:05pm Zoe Claire
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Phoebe Maxine


Mardi Gras Dog Parade - Mommy made my cape herself! She'll make one for you too if you want.

I forgot to add my name - Hi! I'm Ludwig!

Hi - I'm Jixxer

Hi My name is Dorie, I'm Jixxer's sister. We live in Justin Texas and are new to Dogster. It sure has been a lot of fun playing with everyone online.

Hi, I'm MINI (again). I wanna be a Dog Star someday~

Hi, I'm MINI (again). I wanna be a Dog Star someday~

My mommy says I'm beautiful even if my ears are a little big.....

Hi! I'm maxx. this pic explains y my mom sometimes calls me "my little bunny boy" lol!

this is my good side....

My favorite the time anyways! I am waiting on someone...anyone to throw it for me!!!!!!!! :)

This is my nose. Cute is'nt it?

Mini: "You can't see me....You can't see me........"

Lucky Louie

Mini the Minnie Mouse

Hi I'm Rudy. I love to play!

Hi I'm Rudy. I love to play!

Mickey - I Love to Pose

HO HO HO..I'm Mini the Santa Paws!!

Mini: I got a Candy Cane...I got a Candy Cane...!!!

Mini the Santa Paws

Austin the Reindeer

Im too sexy for this coat !!

Hi My name is Hatchett (my mom can't spell sometimes!) I'm new here!!

Rudy wearing her sweater


I am Sasha! I am 5 1/2 weeks and just got a haircut! Can't wait to come home!

Who me? I'm innocent!

I'm beat after that long walk! -Louie

Where's my head??! -Louie

Nobody better lay a finger on my hamburger, man! -Louie

Smiling puppy

Daisy Mae and Mitchell Thomas

Hi! I'm Coco!

No fun Like Schnauzer Fun!

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