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The best reading for woofs and their hoomans – Joprah (that's me Jay-Jay) and friends pick their favorite doggie related books and then mail them around from woof to woof.
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March 31 , 2006

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New! It's Ok To Miss The Bed On The First Try (or something like that - BOL!)
9/16 8:49am
What Wendell Wants
8/17 1:14pm
Dog Poems book
7/06 9:49pm
The other end of the leash
4/04 10:09pm
Cesar's Way
3/12 8:39pm
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»What Wendell Wants
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JOPRAH's current woof book selection: Marley & Me by John Grogan

"With A Little Faith" -- prospective JOPRAH Selection

"How to Live With A Neurotic Dog" -- prospective JOPRAH selection

Vincent & Rosie have offered up this book, Dog Eat Dog, to anywoof who would like to read it. It is "a very human book about dog shows" and it centers around Bullmastiffs. Check out V&R’s thread if you are interested – JOPRAH

JOPRAH's Book Club has been Oprah approved!!!! Fanks to Mr. Fluffy Admin (a.k.a Weezer) and Rusty!

A wuffderful suggestion by TK Belle, "The Other End of the Leash". It must be about training those hoomans that we have to take for walks a few times a day :-)

Arguss showing off his studious side!

Do you talk about your dog non-stop? Do you suspect your dog is a genius? Do you name each of your dog's toys? Does your dog get more heavy petting than your spouse? Do all holidays revolve around your dog? All answers YES? Then this is the book for you!

JOPRAH is reading "Ella" right now and pawsotively wuvs it! And that Ella, what a cutie!

Jacky hard at work reading one of our JOPRAH books!

Our faithful Mr. Fluffy Admin in his new paw-made picture frame :-)

Anofver smashing selection by HARROD!

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