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Dogster's Next Top Model

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January 27 , 2008

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New! how do you be a dogster next top model
4/01 8:30am
i want to be a model.
11/17 1:19pm
Vote for me!
11/17 12:52pm
Pray for Eddie.
11/17 9:19am
Why don't we make a new contest?
9/20 1:22pm
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Group Photos

Week one fur Bailey, the dancer

Week 1-Phat Puppy playing volley ball

I love my Bobo

Wk 1 Misha playing with everything but his toys

Preparing to do my favourite thing....hugging! I always get into the beg position to get mum's attention, so that she will hug me.

My pic for Dogster's next top model

week one Bailey

This is my Modeling photo for a Jewelry storein a group that I belong to.

Dogster Top Model Awesome

Dogster Top Model Princess Apples

Wk 1 - Kaiden likes to play football best!

Wk1: Kaiden skiing

Doing what I do best - look beautiful!

Shayna, Victoria's Secret Newest Model

Sports Illustrated, Shayna Rae

Jilly is a cowgirl

'Dogster Top Model"

'Dogster Top Model"

'Dogster Top Model"

Sleeping, It's what I do best!

I fetch ball

I love to lick!!!

Can you get me another beer? Mine disapeared.

I'm so cute and fluffy

Looking Cute Is What I Do Best!

strike a pose!

always keeping up appearances

My bathing suit picture in my portfolio (Divine Miss Pooh)

My day look

My evening gown


Ouch My eye!

Olease Vote For Me, I Have Such A Pretty Face!!!!

Going for the frisbee!


Such a photogenic little Corgi :)

Dogsters TOP MODEL!!!!

Abby the newest model for Victoria's Secret

good music!

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