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A penny can make all the difference
welcome, we make items to sell to the public for fundraising for animal charities
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October 15 , 2007

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»PDSA = peoples dispensary for sick animals - grants to pay bills
»General Link to all Animal Charities
»National Canine Defense League - Registered No. 227523
»Royal Society for the Protection of Birds - Registered No. 207076
»Battersea Dogs Home - Registered No 206394
»Wood Green Animal Shelters - Registered No. 298348
»The Blue Cross Animal Welfare Charity- Registered No. 224392
»The Mayhew Animal Home - - Registered No. 1077588
»National Animal Welfare Trust - Registered No. 262999
»Brooke Hospital for Animals - Registered No. 207869
»Marine Conservation Society - Registered No. 1004005
»British Deer Society - Registered No. 1069663
»Fund for the Replacement of Animals in Medical Experiments - Registered No. 259464
»Greyhounds in Need - Registered No. 1069438
»Humane Slaughter Association and Council of Justice to Animals - Registered No. 209563
»World Parrot Trust - Registered No. 800944
»The Rabbit Charity - Registered No. 1068622
»Animal Health Trust - Registered No. 209642
»International Animal Rescue - Registered No. 802132
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