Dexter's Flewsies

Got Flews?
For ladies with flews who know how to use them.
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March 25 , 2006

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New! Who wants to take the pink Cadillac for a ride?
4/10 8:29pm
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Flewsie Midnight Star models Dexcorp's new prosthetic flew extensions. Shown are the setter size flew extensions in tan. Spaniel and hound sizes are also available in black, white, and tan.

Who says I never take you girls anywhere?

OK, OK... We'll take the Caddy!

Might as well face it, you're addicted to Dexter

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Nubby Puppy (3/22/06-3/31/13)
Moonlight Over Malibu 1995-09
Tavar (Al Hara's Tawari)
Jima (June,1994 - July,2007)
Lola West
Seva (1992-2007)
Morgan Anna Maria- Bridge Ange
Sadie (4/26/00 - 7/24/08)
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