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D.A.M.N! - Dogs Against Maternal Neurosis!

Repressed unite! Neurosis we fight!
If your Mommy is so neurotic about your well-being that she wraps you in bubble wrap before you can play outside, this group is for you! Vent your frustrations here! Offer solutions to neurotic over-protection! We're here to support each other!
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July 18 , 2008

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New! Help! Our photo has no caption!!
2/25 4:56pm
D.A.M.N it! Flea/Tick "spot on" treatments not safe?
4/26 2:04pm
'Tis I! Finlay-san!
12/23 5:53am
Mom IS neurotic but THIS is important!
11/24 7:28pm
dinnertime? or breakfast?
10/15 1:20pm
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I do yoga to reduce the stress of an over protective Mom

I do Tai Bo to alleviate stress from my Mommy's incessant preening!

I also do Pilates! A tight core is essential for stress relief!

I find that stealing stuff makes me feel less stressed. Especially my Mommy's pillow!

I go for long walks with my wonderful Daddy, leaving psycho Mom at home!

I just hop in Mommy's car and drive myself to DQ

I just smile and nod... smile and nod.

This is the look I give her just b efore I roll my eyes up in disgust at her smothering me!

I would drive down to the pond to "admire" the ducks- very relaxing- before the maternal neurotic police hid the keys.

Mud baths are soothing stress relievers

I let it all hang out

I just ignore Mom's more neurotic suggestions

We try to lose ourselves in the snow, but she always finds us.

Oh no... not ANOTHER vet visit...

Like many of the group members, I find that the exhilliration of driving without a license frees my mind of the neurosis at home.

But why do we have to wear bubble wrap before we go outside?

There is simply no reason to keep me back here. I KNOW I can drive!

When Momma makes me crazy, I shred stuff. It helps.

When Momma makes me eben crazier, I find dis help.

Does Mom really have to make me wear pants in public?

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