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Continuous prayer chain for all animals in need

Pray for those animals being abused
Animals and people who care about animals in need.
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October 31 , 2006

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New! BabyGirl 2004-2008 rainbow bridge
7/06 11:17am BabyGirl 2004-2008
Sherman Please say a prayer for Bocci
6/09 9:09pm Sherman
GINGER - i ♥ you Cozmo animal abuse prayer chain!
11/20 9:41am GINGER - i ♥ you Cozmo
Buddy of Corolla Prayers needed for Ceilidh.....
10/17 3:59pm The Divine Miss Jenna Pooh RIP
The Divine Miss Jenna Pooh RIP Epitaphs for Maximus
7/18 8:40pm The Divine Miss Jenna Pooh RIP
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»Rescued Puppies with Great Rescue Stories
»Our friend Joker, may you rest in peace, page
»Light a Candle (Group)
»Memorial Stroll for Maximus
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The Divine Miss Pooh & her Mum

Merry Christmas to all our friends here

Goof in his Tuxedo

Buddy in his Tux

Goof and Sadie Pearl's Wedding Pic

Fly with the Angels our friend Joker

Let His Angels watch over Joker

Our Hero -- George the JRT that saved 5 children from attacking dogs

My poor friend Eddie! Pray for him please!

A Memorial for Maximus

For all our friends who have passed & for Maximus