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Cavalicious-Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

The Sex and the City Doggies!
Calling all Cavs!
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February 14 , 2006

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New! Where Are You From? Maybe we are Related???
1/16 9:22pm
Hello, I'm Cinnamon
7/26 2:47pm
How big is your Cavalier
6/09 11:42am
Christmas cards
11/15 6:31am
Callin' in the Troops! - need your cavalier help!
9/25 7:11am
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ooo Molly, what a nice dog stroller! Pretty in Pink:)

Patriotic Scooter

Jake and Roscoe very nice welcome to Dogster Wagon Crew

Oliver from IN is bilingual in French and English!

Milo and Monty Cute Cav Brothers:)

Abbott's Sire's Sire (his grandfather); Ch. Lymrey Royal Scandal of Ricksbury, is pictured in the nationally published book "A New Owner's Guide to Cavalier King Charles Spanels".

Ely is a beautiful Puppy that his Human Family Rescued:)

Kute Katie

Zee Zee enjoying Spring

Abbey, Top Model Finalist


Surfer Dude Rocco~byPM

Phoebe In Loving Memory~PM

hearts to you

Princess Peggy Sue getting Huggies from Ms. Audrey Hepburn

Snoopy~by PM

Sir Bentley

Hi to some New Members~ First one who pmail me with the correct answer wins a Rosette!

Happy B-lated Birthday (which was 10-31-06) Holly(my Ruby Red Partner in Crime) ~Luv PM

We love u Girl!

Bailey, Sparky, & Princess Mia

Ginger after playing in the snow

Can U guess who these cavies are?

New Member's Bday! Hoooray!

Wow! Welcome Cavie Family from Australia! First one to pmail me with their names will get a rosette!

Sex in the City's ~Elizabeth Taylor~

We love Cavaliers!

look at me! I am a Shih Tzu! Bol!

i'm tired

merry christmas

Hershey, The Royal Regal Look!