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Angel Doggies

Second best to the bridge
A group for dogs who are no longer with us
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January 16 , 2006

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New! Rosie (In Loving Memory) Smokehouse Jerky Treats
11/29 9:39am Rosie (In Loving Memory)
Milly (In Loving Memory) Administrators
10/25 2:15am Milly (In Loving Memory)
Rosie (In Loving Memory) Hi my name is Rosie I'm a 3 year old Chihuahua and was poisoned from Chinese made Bestro's Jerky Chi
9/24 11:15am Rosie (In Loving Memory)
Do I Go Home Today?
11/22 12:32pm
Pupi (In Loving memory of you) my pupi
6/28 8:57am Pupi (In Loving memory of you)
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My wings

Blackburn's Angel Furbabies Snuggles, Rags, Misty & Skeezics

My Beautiful Milly, thanks Atticus Finch CGC for the wings

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♥CoCo Chanel♥ -
Shadow (My Baby,My Heart)
Little Bit
McEars (aka Mushy)
Velvet...(R.I.P.) We love you.
Prissy *in memory*
Gucci 1991-2001
Max 2000- 2007
Moo-Shoe 2006-2007
Noel (1991-1992)
Amos (1976-1990)
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