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Blankets for Babies

Blankets for Babies
Making a Difference to Babies One Blanket at a Time...
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December 20 , 2006

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Group Photos

Small blankie for the pound pups. (Size of a pillowcase)

Big blankie for the pound puppies. (One twin-sized sheet folded in half, a second sheet inside).

If you have a sheet or material that isn't thick enough when you fold it, or is too small to fold (these, btw, were curtains that someone gave to me to be made into blankies), you just put something inside of it & sew it up that way!

Donate towels!!

Donate rugs!!

Make big blankies!! (The blankets I make now are not near as pretty to look at as these!!)

Make small blankies!!

Thanks Sammi! Let me know what you guys think! I like it!

Bridget has sent this one! She's working hard on it!

Knee-brace/pad before...


blankets and more blankets

Way to go, Riley... He's making lots of blankets!

Ever wonder what 50lbs of fleece looks like?! This is it!! The donation from Corinthian Mills!!!

Another pic of our donation after it was folded!! See that little argyle thing int he front?? thats NuNu!!! It sooo much fabric!!!

my first quilt square ever!!! for the quilt fund raiser!!!!!

Can you see me in all the fabric??

On their way to chilly pups in Mississippi!!

Pictures by Statia - $15 min. donation

B4B Bandanna

Wishbone's 3rd set of Snuggles

testn' out the blankies...yup, they're nice.

Poseing in front of some blankets that mommy made for Thre is 8 here but she is up to 12 blankets! (04/06/07)

One of the cats at the Hannibal Humane Society, enjoying one of the blankets!


Birthday bears

For Teachers?

Camo Bears!

Our first blankets ready to go...

The blankets spread out...

One of the kitties enjoying our blanket donation

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