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1 Daisy (2004 ♥ 2007)19,206
2 16,365
3 Boston11,815
4 Bandit11,471
5Dogster Member: 8891088,686
6 Prissy6,489
7Vinny, Tallulah Belle4,785
8 Merit4,723
9 ♥ Penny Ann, My Angel4,646
11 ♥ Zoee' ♥3,403
12Titan, Pepper, Peace, Lenny, and more!2,812
13 Medusa2,687
15 Crazy Lady/Luna1,707
16Quincy , Cosmo , Butch, Mercedes, and more!1,703
17Georgie, CGC, Jackson, CGC, TBK, Tippy (Furever Loved), Camille, and more!1,671
19Daisy, Cocoa1,566
20 Trixie1,524
21Leopold, Pirate, Eddie1,491
22Wilson, Jack, Panda, Harvick, and more!1,478
23Hershey, Sonja, Jasper, Sumo, and more!1,433
24Hershey, Sonja, Jasper, Sumo, and more!1,433
25 Diesel1,415
26Rosco, Lola, Gwyneth, Winston1,386
27 ☆ Echo ☆1,269
28Little Lulu Belle1,264
29Dogster Member: 8672811,262
30Tule Bird1,151
31 GEORGIA1,142
32Casey, Lexi1,121
33 Cooper1,100
34 Lil Man1,080
36 Le Mirage996
37Dogster Member: 816429992
38 Sophie974
39Hunter, Remington, Gabriella, Phil, and more!970
40 ♥ Lexie Furever♥965
41 877
42 Sanford Hawley 827
43REDFORD , COOPER, Tundra ~ DG #6, Manytoes ~ DB #120, and more!819
44Nemo, Sydney, Rodeo, Wellington Duke of Hobarth (Wi802
45 Miasha801
46 Pixi Moto Poopiebutt797
48 Carlie757
49Miss Scarlett750
51 Jeordie702
52Dogster Member: 309250689
53molly, cow, Charlie (now in heaven), molly, and more!689
54 Cupcake685
55 663
56 Boris641
58 Rex RIP Sept 2004-Dec 2009618
59Sabrina 2000~2012, Saleen, Willow 2000~2014, Ollivander611
60 607
61 Haole Boy602
62 Coda600
63Luke, Stevie, Sergei, Drapes576
66 ♥Sophie Claire CGC549
67Dogster Member: 863328541
68 ღBaileyღ 530
69Dogster Member: 868726528
70♥ Ginger ♥, ♥ Beau ♥☺, ♥Button♥, ♥Candy♥, and more!519
71Dogster Member: 869386505
73Dodger, ~ Gabe~, Tater Tot, Jakpot, and more!500
74Dogster Member: 655608490
75Moyo, Adannya487
76Ashley, Smudge, Emmitt, Chezney (Crossed over 5/3/03), and more!481
77Rocky (RIP - 9/13/08), Fluffy♥In loving memory, ♥Kitty♥, Bennington, SD, CGC479
78Diesel, Rambo469
79Bear, Beethoven468
80Balto, Madison467
81 Peaches466
82Kitsy, Kitsy, Smudge, Squeaky, and more!462
83Dogster Member: 793534456
84Dogster Member: 851363450
85 Kendra442
86Cubba, Lexus, MooBear441
88 Elsie A Bovine Canine NAJ433
89Angel, Angel, Angel433
90 Dakotah430
91Chelsea, Sally421
92Dogster Member: 867159415
93Annies Little Commanche (Andy, Beau, Sadie Ann, Sophie ( In Loving Memory) So, and more!412
94♥Buddy♥, Brutus *Loving Memory 1975-88*, dallas411
96 Brighton Whey401
97Lucky Boo, Loved & Missed , Sir Thomas, Maximo (In Loving Memory), Dutch, and more!401
98Dogster Member: 494377401
99 Bambi400
101 Ava Isabella393
102 Ramses385
103Axle ~Azores Cattle Dog, Summer385
104 385
105Foxy, bun bun382
106 Lady Macenzy Grace381
107Jake, Joey, Maggie May375
108 Tagi367
109 Duchess358
110 Gabe357
111Macleod, Nala, Samantha, Callie, and more!353
112 Eddie350
114 Sassy347
115Dogster Member: 527897346
117 Fudgy341
118 339
119Amis \338
120 Lumpy337
121 Eve334
122Scout, Gracie, Precious, Hunter, and more!333
123 ♥ Barney * (RIP)331
124Vegas, Nevada, Shorty331
125 330
126Merphy Dublin, Benjamin, Oliver327
127 326
128 Jazz325
129Laszlo, Sasha323
130 Poppy Spoon323
131Amber, Gabby, Amber 322
132Dogster Member: 867486322
133 Jones319
134Rocky, Raena319
135Mogie, Syn, Annie, Merry, and more!317
137Dogster Member: 867092317
138 Lilly316
139Benji, Little Girl315
140Rocky, Rocky, Rocky315
141 ♥ Sparky ♥315
143Abby Lane Crouch- CGC, ARCH Crystal Trinity Crouch, ARCH Lacey Ann Crouch RA, RL2,, Brave Foxy Marie Crouch311
144 Koda310
145 Kimmy310
146Miss Attitude "ATTIE"310
147 Nemo307
150 BEAR LEE303
152Chaos, Missy, Toby, Harmony302
154Kaya 1996-2011, Dexter, Shiva299
155Maggie Moo Hicks, Riley R. Hicks, Harley Hicks (1995-2010), Sydnie Hicks (1998-2012), and more!298
156Red Lady McBeth (1/27/09)-(1-1, Tennesse Titus Andronicus298
157Buddy , Twister, Sheff, Shiloh- I miss you, and more!297
158 JAKE295
159Lucky, Rosalita, Rowan, Saffron, and more!294
160 294
161 292
162Mick, Mick292
163 Seadream's AquaMalina Snowdncr289
164 Lucy289
165Dogster Member: 843498289
166Quinn {at the bridge}, Eli {at the bridge}, Katy {at the bridge}, Indy {at the bridge}, and more!287
167Daisy Doodle287
168 Eli285
169 Max (aka Sebastian)284
170Ansel- In Loving Memory, Simon- In Loving Memory, Suzi, Murphy283
171 ♥Dax♥279
172 ♥Dax♥279
173 Sydney , Nick, Lady and Vinny279
174Athena, Akira279
175Oso CGC, Max, Bliss, Berkowitz , and more!279
176 Sully, C.G.C277
177Darla, Baby Doll, Cricket276
178Nicky, NICKY SOPHIE275
179 Neka275
180Loki, Calvin, Tim274
181Sugar Kisses CD, BN, RE, CGC, Brute, Blaize, Kit-Kat *CGC*, and more!272
182 Angel Takoda 5/11/14271
183 Finley271
185Hubby, Baby Girl, Gimli, Bam, and more!268
186Hubby, Baby Girl, Gimli, Bam, and more!268
187Dogster Member: 865134268
188Bailey, Toby, Simba, Mya, and more!266
189Rui, Tekoa, Choma (missing your hugs!!), Anya, and more!263
190Neo RIP, Kiska, Zuess, Phebe (RIP), and more!262
191Journey , Willow, Otter, Ridge262
192 Willie (Yo My Willie P)262
193Ginger- M.I.A., Maggie, Happy, Bruno CGC, and more!260
194 Levi, PAWS-My Guardian Angel259
195 Pennelope259
196Chiqoe, Bella257
197 Shiloh Loneheart Urn Rosie257
198Buddy (1998-2014)256
199Maddie, Maddie, Spenser256
201Jack, Bandit253
202 Mowgli253
204Melba, Twix, Buster Man, Cinde, and more!247
205 Kaden (RIP sweet boy)247
206Lucy, JD, Zoey, Belle *ADOPTED!*, and more!245
207S.I.'s Black Diamond, S.I.'s Moonpie (Moon), Daddy's girl Shilo, S.I.'s Strutter, and more!245
208Chiquita, Bear, Lady Lexus Highmark, Chopper, and more!245
210 Grimlock242
211Dogster Member: 661460242
213Rosco, Foxy Lady242
214 Truman241
215 Kong241
216Angus, Peach, Cobbler, Bimmer,gone now,forever loved239
217Augustus, Keegan, Shawnee, Zedechiah, and more!238
218 Nellie237
219Sierra, Luna237
220 Dartagnan237
221Diva, Diva236
222 Mona235
223*Dante Destructo*235
224Dogster Member: 613719234
225Angel, Carmelita234
226Dogster Member: 828806234
227Kitkat, KitKat, Zoe233
228Dutch, Pixie, Midgette233
229In memory of Bo Bo. 2006-2009, Web (1998-2012)232
231Puccini, Bella, Coco & Guido, Guido231
232Stella Blue, Aiko Aiko, Truffles, Truffles, and more!230
233Lydia Rose 1999-2006, Hannah 1995 - 2007, Thalia Rose, Mr. Nigel, and more!229
234 Tino228
235Dexter (in memory of), Greta, Oscar, (in memory of)227
236Dexter (in memory of), Greta, Oscar, (in memory of)227
237Dexter (in memory of), Greta, Oscar, (in memory of)227
238Snoopy--UP FOR ADOPTION, Travelor--UP FOR ADOPTION, Azul--UP FOR ADOPTION, Zulu--UP FOR ADOPTION, and more!227
239 Earl 1998? - 2009226
240Harley, Redtops Finn, Sheepfields Sheba, Sprites Great Adventure "Kylie226
242 226
244Dogster Member: 859252225
246 Bianca CGC TT HIC Thd ♥223
247 Bianca CGC TT HIC Thd ♥223
248 kira223
249 Snapper Mullethead Miller222
250Winston (Jan '93 - Feb '06), Bella221
252Max, Sandi220
254Dogster Member: 868366219
255 cocoa RIP my precious Girl218
257 Mikey215
258 Lilly215
259Dogster Member: 862602215
260 Koda 214
263 Waldo has Doggie Angel Wings212
264Dogster Member: 868708212
265Moose, Dizney, K.C., Kitten (in loving memory), and more!211
266Monty, Coco, Tish, Missy, and more!211
267 Sabrina's Stella by Starlight210
268 208
269Samoa, Teddi Bear, Sandy208
270 Marley207
271Dahlia, Rusty207
273Deegan, Jake, Colby206
274Minnie Pearl (Rainbow Bri, Taylor (Rainbow Bridge), Roxie A Gator, Willa Monster, and more!206
275Kasha, Bat - Miss you!, Flash, Beau206
276 Junior Lee a.k.a. "Super Bean"206
278Georgia Peach, Jack Sparrow, Peach, Bella206
279Fiona, Pepper206
280 Amber204
281Shiloh R.I.P. 1/7/95-5/19/10, Deuces Wild Run For The Border, Lasers Back In Black RA, CGC R, ResQ Sweet Polly Purebred, and more!203
282Dixie, Mia203
283Sheeba, Midnight, Rascal203
284Oscar, Rascal, Hopey, Nelly202
285Coco, Fancypants, Flower, Bunny Rabbit, and more!202
286Dogster Member: 776469202
287paddy, sandy201
288Mr. Bean, Jynx201
289 +SPIKE+201
290Dogster Member: 856899201
291 Catfish200
292Princess Smoochy Gucci200
293Princess Smoochy Gucci200
294Princess Smoochy Gucci200
295 ~~THORN~~200
296Quinn, Jordan, Willem200
297Parker PSD, Mollie TDI, CD200
299 Maggie May197
300Molly, Annie (ATB), Willow, Benton, and more!197
301Wescott's Hokie Bird, Wescott's Hokie Bird, Wescott's Pocahontas196
302Dogster Member: 870962196
303Dogster Member: 870962196
304Dogster Member: 542521195
306Ceilidh always in my heart, Talula Belle193
307Alabaster , Chauncey, Shula192
308 Kilo192
309Cassidy, Chloe, Marci192
310 Nefertiti191
311Bonnie & Jellybean191
312Rudy, Chelsea Mae, Spence (Rainbow Bridge). :(, Ozzy, and more!191
313Dogster Member: 628609191
314Natcho, Spinner191
315Miss Izzabelle Satterfield, Muffy - In Loving Memory, Gretta190
317Aspen, Asia190
318 MacTavish190
319 bandit189
320Zena, Rambo189
321 Kirby188
323Maggie, Roxie187
324 Ty-Ty187
325Sir Gideon of the High Hills, Gideon's Shenandoah River Eden, Gideon's Sweet River Melody, Tucker**A Sweet Memory**, and more!186
326JoDee, Georgia, Rocky - Jan. 2001 - Sept. 2008, Dodger - Aug. '96 - Sep '05, and more!186
327Zorro, Fudge, Cookie, Ink186
328 Frankie185
329Lil'Bear, Sherry, Sweet Pea, Angel185
330In loving Memory our boy-Petey, Anabelle, Isabelle185
331Cheyenne, Kirby, DASH, Hombre185
333Jack, Dottie, Piper184
334 Jack184
335Jax, Zoey, Rocky184
336Eddie "Spaghetti"184
337Sandhill's Twist of Fate, Hidden Hill's White Ruger, Sassy Ivory Lady RIP 4/8/09, Hidden Hill's White Rose183
339 Zoe183
340Mandy, Nicci, Oscar, Champion182
341Maverick , Twizzler 182
342Dogster Member: 866701182
343 Ellie Mae Waddlebottom181
344RAZOR '95 to '03, ABE, ARGIE '98 to '09, RUSTY '06 to '09, and more!181
345Dogster Member: 868804181
346Rowdy, Samwise180
347Dogster Member: 814088180
348 Lily180
349Jasmine (12-01-03 to 08-16-13), Sarge, Hunter, Shelby (4-21-95 to 11-11-05), and more!179
350Dogster Member: 733415178
351Bear, Roy, Joey, Justin, and more!178
352Goober, Bliss, Bliss177
353 Q177
354Sandy, Roxie- In Loving Memory176
355Isis, River176
356Walker (Angel Boy), Alexandria (Sweetest Angel), Molly, Pookah , and more!176
357Buster, Lucy175
358Samson Snorticus McLeod175
360Dogster Member: 866310175
361Dogster Member: 868913175
362Lucy, Maybe174
363Puzzle, Belle, Cali173
364Rocky, Star Shea, Star Raven Angel ( Star), Muffin, and more!173
365 Abby - Forever Loved173
366 Belle172
367Jipsi, Kuhlua, Lotus172
368Sundance Golden Queen Isabella, Maisy, Mooney, Sundance Morning Skyy Lexus, and more!172
369Arlo, Ivy172
371Holly, Matthew ADOPTED thru Dogster!, Matti, Crazy, and more!170
372mojo, guido, tom-cat170
373Connor, Falcor170
374Frenchie, Lander170
375Sadie Mae * CGC - SD *, Sushi Therapy Dog, Max , Rosey , and more!169
376Dylan, chance, Bodi169
377 MAXIMUS169
378Jack (rip 2/15/06), Wyatt, Maisey168
379Sydney, Ada168
380Kodiak 168
381Kiste, Maximus von Linden, Wilson, Lola, and more!166
382 Arthur furever wiggling166
383 Mason Dixon's Gray Ghost166
384Maya, Titan166
385Krickette CGC TDI165
386Lily, Max164
387Darla, Liberty, Ynokkie ( Nee-O-Kee ), Madison, and more!164
388Pookie, Wilby, Max, Muffin, and more!163
389 Tillie163
390Isis, Isis163
392Mudge, Mudge, Cheyenne, Roxy, and more!163
393Dogster Member: 871406163
394Maximus, Tia162
395 162
397Jasmine, Cassidy - In Loving Memory, Elsa - In Loving Memory, Cricket - In Loving Memory, and more!161
398 Daisy161
400 Chico161
401Hoss, Hoss, Daisy, Tinker, and more!161
402 Winston161
403Dogster Member: 866741161
404Dogster Member: 868717161
407Dogster Member: 866155160
408Cody, Beanie159
409 Kappa159
410Sophie - Rest in Peace Sweet P, Harley - over the Rainbow bri, Skipper, Tiger Louise- In memory158
411abbey, Maya158
412Dogster Member: 829410158
414Bo, Donnie, Blue, Cassie157
415Charlie Brown157
418Dogster Member: 840906157
420Mitzi, Mitzi156
421♥Seika Sue♥, ♥Lacey Lou♥, ♥Minni Mouse♥, Maxie Moe, and more!156
422Dogster Member: 866618156
423Kado, Benny, Jax, Micky, and more!154
424 Bella (Certified CGC)154
425Harley, In loving memory, Odin, Noire, Shade (Bianka v. Littlehaus)154
426Tasha (received her Angel wing, Cy Ty Sun, CT153
427 Ceridwen's Cordial Medoc153
428George, Gracie, Hawkeye, Sophie153
429Mootie (Ankhmutes v. Avalonn), Hunter 1997-2009, Hasani 8/18/01-8/25/14, Ziggy (Kel Simoon Loroko)153
430Patches, Annie153
431Dogster Member: 862801153
432 Kirita Collazo Perez RIP8/5/10153
433Montana , Skylar153
434Dogster Member: 231298152
435Riley, Roscoe152
436 Kodiak152
437Dark Nite152
438 152
439 Valentine152
440Dogster Member: 866361152
441Dogster Member: 402133151
442Zoey, Sammi151
443Dogster Member: 868659151
444Trista (In Loving Memory)150
446Victor, Dandelion, Priscilla, LuLu, and more!150
447 Daisy Mae CGC150
449 Sidney150
450 Zoey150
451 Snickers150
453Princess, Doobey, Brittany, Austin150
454Bunco, Bandit149
455Healey's Healing Salvation "S, Healey's Reina Del Camino , Healey's Heavenly Angel, Heaely's Reina De Tejas, and more!149
457 Shiloh148
458Gracie Lou, My Dad - Sir Rocko Bernard, My Mom - Lola Christine148
459Dogster Member: 766402148
460 Charlie148
461Nipper, Oddball148
462Darva, Buddy, Squeegee, Rockstar, and more!147
463 Snowden147
464Dogster Member: 725390147
465Dogster Member: 865614147
466Lucy, Nick, Maggie, Maggie146
467Riot, Ironhorse's Stud Muffin146
468Mein Kleinen Mann Adolph, Mein Schones Madchen Ahna Mari, Mein Kleinen Archshultz Odessa, Mein Kleinen Glande Diesel, and more!146
469Pete, Cassie146
470Sweet*Pea, Lucky Dog, Sox, Knit Knight, and more!145
471 Angel Axel 2005-2014145
472Tower,, Amber145
473Dogster Member: 834441145
475Coal, Clairabell144
476Dogster Member: 718172144
477Cuachi, Ruby143
479Kashus, Kashus, Zinur143
480Lyla 143
481Dogster Member: 396625142
482Barkley, Buddy, Boomer, Bandit142
483Angus, Mckenzie, Dakota, Bear142
485Darius, Milo, Oreo142
486Dogster Member: 799262142
487Dogster Member: 292690141
488Dogster Member: 657029141
490Squiggy, Mr. Marbles, Peter Pickles 2003-2011, Sasha Eve 1993-2006 , and more!141
491Squiggy, Mr. Marbles, Peter Pickles 2003-2011, Sasha Eve 1993-2006 , and more!141
492Squiggy, Mr. Marbles, Peter Pickles 2003-2011, Sasha Eve 1993-2006 , and more!141
493Squiggy, Mr. Marbles, Peter Pickles 2003-2011, Sasha Eve 1993-2006 , and more!141
494Squiggy, Mr. Marbles, Peter Pickles 2003-2011, Sasha Eve 1993-2006 , and more!141
495Squiggy, Mr. Marbles, Peter Pickles 2003-2011, Sasha Eve 1993-2006 , and more!141
496Sinbad, Taz141
497 Diesel141
498Jack, No longer with us., Gabriel140
499Little Smokey, Charles, Sissy140
500Donja, "Chase" RN, RA, CGC, KIWI, Teddy, and more!140

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