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Gracie P. TangerineCoco Bean Tangerine 1994-2005♥Dale Bo♥Fais Do Do (fay dough dough)Eloise D. Tangerine
KallieHarleyROSIE (Now an Angel)JAKE,now an angel 1/20/2010Sassy (Now an Angel)
Linkin ParkSandi (1991-2005)PIKO at the BridgeSuzy QHarrison My Angel forever
Lucky CGC -9/17/1996-2/25/2008♥ Mollie ♥ ♥ Sophie Tzu ♥ Bear Dog (at The Bridge)Daisy - In memory - 11/03/2011
Junior~Petunior Poop Cisco The Kidd PoopSmilin' Penny Poop :º )~Annie Dog Poop's an Angel now.Babydog Poop(Loved Angel)
Jack - In Memory - 4/24/09Jill - In Memory - 7/19/11Lenny Our little kitkat Angel Hank Williams TangerineTammy Wynette Tangerine
Angel Silky SchnoodleAngel Soleil Shih TzuPrecious Shih Tzu RIPAngel Pepper Silky TerrierMaddie Schnoodle
Sirius BlackSammySheree Maltepoo RIPSuyin Lhasa RIPOnyx Shih Tzu RIP
Ziero - CGC, Rest in peace 11/Dusty Dawg 12/28/98-01/09/13"Mocha Java" aka Java"Rising Star" aka Flash - CGC♥Daisy♥
♥Gracie♥♥Queen Isabella♥DaisyBankyDinkidi's Figjam I Am

(Page 1 of 4: Viewing dogs 1 to 50)  
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