Friends of Victoria (Vickie) Poop

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Stevie (8/01 - 3/31/12)Jazzy(In Memory1/89-5/06) Crissy Edweena- GED FOREVER LRed Sonja (02/94--03/11)Lassie (In Memory 1964-1977)
Taffie ( In memory 1973-1988)Kona (In Memory 1983-1998)Danny( In Memory 1981-1997)BORIS (In Memory 1979-1994)BoPete( In Memory 1986-2002)
Scary ( In Memory 1986-2001)Pavy (In Memory 1994-2002)Sheba(In Memory 1978-1994)Trixie ( In Memory 1987-1999)Lance ( In Memory 1976-1988)
Honey( In Memory 1977-1989)Ginger ( In Memory 1976- 1977)SPOTTY ( In Memory 1934-1948)Princess Nya CuddlesGustina "Rainbow Bridge"
ODIE OSCAR in Loving MemorySparky - 1/23/2005 - 1/16/2017Buddy "Sweet Angel"♥ Maggie ♥Skippy
MollyWiley CoyoteDjangoEmmyLouRosie (In Loving Memory)
Rascal (In Loving Memory)RIP-Rusty and TylerRoxyDaisy (In Loving Memory)Katie
☠ Trixie ☠☮ Buster ☮Peanut "BB"- Sweet AngelBonita Alexia (LEXI)-RIP 2/14/Hershey
Oscar (2002-2012)SparkyRudy (In loving memory)Prince PedroPeaches!
Double TroubleRanger "in memory of"Booger in Loving MemoryOlgaFoxxy

(Page 1 of 2: Viewing dogs 1 to 50)  
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