Types of Yorkies

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Barked: Tue Mar 27, '07 3:11pm PST 
Anyone in the know.........
How many "recognized" types of purebred yorkies are there? I've heard about, but never seen, Biewers. Checkers is a Parti Colored and Sasha Baby spotted a chocolate yorkie.
In this area, I have only seen "regular" yorkies. But no yorkie is just regular are they? BOL. cheer

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Barked: Tue Apr 3, '07 10:26am PST 
I believe the AKC only recognizes the blue/black/gold/tan variations.

A friend of mine is getting a Biewer and he'll be home this May! cheer Can't wait to meet him!
Cho Cho

Barked: Tue Apr 3, '07 1:56pm PST 
There's only one pure bread Yorkshire Terrier recognized by the AKC. There are no variations of a Yorkshire Terrier . A Biewer is a Biewer, it's not a Yorkshire Terrier. The chocolate ones you're talking about is DNA-gone-wrong.

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Barked: Wed Apr 4, '07 6:47am PST 
hmmm...r there any chocolate yorkies here at dogster? mommy really wanna see what they look like... hail
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Barked: Wed Apr 4, '07 11:12am PST 
actully the Perti-Yorkie is a AKC recognized Yorkie, 30 generations
and the Biewer is a Yorkie,with the Mutant gene .

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Barked: Sun Apr 8, '07 5:10pm PST 
There is only one AKC standard of a Yorkie, here is a little of what AKC says...

Puppies are born black and tan and are normally darker in body color, showing an intermingling of black hair in the tan until they are matured. Color of hair on body and richness of tan on head and legs are of prime importance in adult dogs, to which the following color requirements apply:

Blue: Is a dark steel-blue, not a silver-blue and not mingled with fawn, bronzy or black hairs.

Tan: All tan hair is darker at the roots than in the middle, shading to still lighter tan at the tips. There should be no sooty or black hair intermingled with any of the tan.

Color on Body
The blue extends over the body from back of neck to root of tail. Hair on tail is a darker blue, especially at end of tail.

A rich golden tan, deeper in color at sides of head, at ear roots and on the muzzle, with ears a deep rich tan. Tan color should not extend down on back of neck.

Chest and Legs
A bright, rich tan, not extending above the elbow on the forelegs nor above the stifle on the hind legs.

Must not exceed seven pounds.
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Barked: Sat Apr 28, '07 5:23pm PST 
I'm a yorkiepoo incase anyone cares! BOL!

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Barked: Fri May 4, '07 4:11pm PST 
My Yorkie coat is different from others, its more wire and not silky! Is anyone familiar with this type of coat and will it change? I don’t think its show quality? I’m AKC and CKC registered and should be under 6 lbs. as an adult and I’m only 9 weeks old.

Barked: Wed Sep 12, '07 2:10am PST 
Hello I'm a chocolate yorkie, and my mommy loves me just the way I am even if its DNA mistake.

The best things- come in little- packages
Barked: Thu Sep 13, '07 2:40pm PST 
Awww! You are cute Hutch!

My friend brought her Biewer over to play. SO CUTE!!!!!! OMD! I love him. I will put a picture of him on my page someday.
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