HELP - hind leg weakness +

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Barked: Sun Apr 17, '11 6:37pm PST 
We have a 12-year-old Weimaraner. He has always been even-tempered and the only significant health issue he ever had was a fatty tumor that was removed from his neck years ago.

Almost a year and a half ago, we noticed that his back paws were starting to slip and he would fall occasionally and this subsequently worsened. After taking him to several different vets, we ended up at a holistic vet who put him on a slew of herbal supplements and the raw diet. This helped him to lose weight and that, along with acupuncture, helped him improve significantly.

The vet ran various tests and concluded that his toxin levels were high (though only slightly high) and attributed his health issues to Lyme’s disease. After taking different medicines to combat the Lyme’s disease, his levels returned to normal. We’re not so sure that this was the cause of his problems.

Recently, within the past few months, he has begun deteriorating rapidly. Not only can he barely walk, but he is now incontinent (originally fecal and now also urinary from time to time). When he stands up for any period of time, his hind quarters slowly sink down towards the ground until he’s sitting (unwillingly).

We have also noticed the muscles in his hind legs rapidly fluttering while he stands or lays down. The supplements and acupuncture no longer have an effect on him. We are aware of and have researched Arthritis, Myelopathy, and Wobbler disease, to name a few.

We’re desperately seeking treatment suggestions for the symptom described above – any help is appreciated. Please e-mail me at Kohle514(at)gmail.com. Thank you in advance!