Weimaraner and Cats

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Go with the- FLO(w)..he never- does =)
Barked: Wed Oct 20, '10 8:14am PST 
Hello, I am Flo, and I like to hunt and eat small animals..My favourite is Rabbits..njamiebig grin I also had several accidents like killing a rooster of my parents..

We now have a problem, because me and my mom will move in daddy's house and my mom is afraid as dad recently adopted a kitten...She is afraid if I eat the little kitten..

I wouldn't like to hurt the little kitten but I am not sure of my instincts..

Could somebody give some relieve to my mom? Am I trainable not to eat little kittens? What and how she should approach to this situation?

And don't forget am a jealous guy..I don't like to share my parents alotwink

Help her please..Bye for now blue dog

Barked: Wed Dec 29, '10 6:53am PST 

I am a 7 month old weimaraner and my mom has a 1 1.2 year old kitty. The only thing my mom was worried about with the kitty and I was my rough-housing play. I tend to get too rough and I sometimes put the kitty's head in my mouth. I guess I don't know my own strength. My mom put some yucky ctuff on top of the kitty's head (cherry juice) and I didn't like it, so I stopped putting the kitty's head in my mouth. My mom also trained me to eat/play with chew toys (kongs) instead of playing with the kitty. I hope you get along well with your new kitty!