My weim has the mark of the hound, is that okay???

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Barked: Tue Aug 4, '09 7:58am PST 
She has the same marks as a rottweiler or doberman but shes an AKC Weim- can i breed her, can i show her?? Since it is a mutant gene are there higher chances that she may have undesirable traits??? How rare are Weims witth the Mark of the hound???
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Barked: Thu Aug 6, '09 10:04am PST 
first off I want to say that Abby is absolutley gorgeous,
but I do believe she is mixed with a doberman. I don't think she is a purebred. I would not breed her because those are not charecteristics of a pure bred weim, and you wouldn't want to pass along that gene to her offsprings.
You also cannot show her because of her distinctive markings, it would never be allowed to show a weim with markings of a dobe/hound.
Just because Abby cannot breed or be shown, it doesn't make her any less beautiful or any less smart.
Enjoy her she is unique!!!way to go

Barked: Fri Aug 7, '09 8:54am PST 
thanks for your reply but she is 100% akc, i have her papers with lineage. Here is an article that talks about it in the first paragraph- http://www.traxweimaraners.com/About_Weimaraners/History.html

So anyways, is anyone familiar with this recessive trait, could you tell me more about it if you are?


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Barked: Tue Aug 11, '09 10:38am PST 
It does show up in the lineage occasionally, I've only seen one in real life, but I'm pretty sure mark of the hound is not admissible in the show ring, just like the blue weims.
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Barked: Sat Aug 15, '09 6:06pm PST 
pretty interesting!!!
I loved reading the article!

sorry for my ignorance thinking you were dobe mix.wink

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Check out Briar on my Weim foster blog....same great paint job. Where are you located?


it is a rare mutation and it is an instant disqual from competition...we dont care a bit, and neither does Briar.

your dog is a cutie.
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Barked: Wed Aug 26, '09 3:45pm PST 
I wouldn't breed her, she may not be a pure breed, BUT she may have "Blue" in her line. She may just be very special weim. A KC weim isn't to have any other marks but a very small as in tiny white mark on the chest no more than a few hairs a large white spot on the chest is not AKC standards.
I've had weims for the last 15 years, this is the best advise I can give you

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She's beautiful. I've had weimaraners for a few years (& obsessed w/ them for longer LOL) & she's the first one like that I've seen. She would be disqualified in conformation shows, but not in anything else. It stinks, b/c I have 2 blues. My male blue is an wonderful weim in every way other than being blue. In fact, he's a better weim than my silver-gray. I'd love to show him, but can't. Hopefully, AKC & the WCA will allow more variety in weims one day.
I remember reading somewhere that weims are closely related to bloodhounds; I wonder if that could have contributed to the "mark of the hound" coloration?
Is there a club or organization for weims with dobie markings? For blues, there's the Blue Weimaraner Club of America.

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im in new orleans

i went to the blog

its a shame he had to go back to a foster home

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My baby Baloo has the markings, I still get agitated when a vet or trainer says someone jumped the breeders fence, looked at Abby kinda freaked me out, Baloo is 6 gun metal grey, and yes weimeraners lineage is from bloodhound and German shorthaired pointer, then the just bred them for the color