Weimaraners and Cats?

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Sabine- "Beanie"

The tornado!
Barked: Sat Jul 11, '09 9:24pm PST 
Beanie has no problem with cats, in fact, she loves them! She'll lay down on her belly, and just lick them like crazy. She is extremely gentle with my best friend's cat too, and usually just tries to play with him. If they swat at her, or hiss she walks away. I was pretty surprised, as my mini dachshund has attacked cats since the first time she saw one, and thinks they are prey.

True Hunter!
Barked: Wed Jul 15, '09 12:40pm PST 
I can't help myself, I would eat a cat if I caught one!!naughty

Don't call me- runt!
Barked: Tue Jan 12, '10 12:08pm PST 
We just got a weim pup on xmas and were concerned about the same thing. However, at six weeks our weim was tiny compared to our cat Tia, who is a russian blue and VERY territorial. We did the research and read that weims are avid hunters but as puppies can be raised to live with small animals, same with babies and kids. Our weim, Pixel, is pretty scared of Tia. It took two swips of kitty's paws to make Pixel very timid of Tia and so far we've had no problems....now Pixel is curious, but not to the point of ever, so far, getting close to biting or roughing Tia up. IF anything Tia is the aggressor. I'd try to find a cat with a strong temperment. But all weims are different, we just got lucky with Pixel that she's less of a hunter and more of the hunted when it comes to Tia.

Hudson's- Major Data- Recovery

Silly Puppy!
Barked: Sun Jan 24, '10 9:12am PST 
I have a 3 year old Wiemaraner and a 1 year old cat. I have had the cat since she was 9 weeks old and they get along great! In fact, when I take Major outside for a walk, Yahoo, the cat, crys until we come back in. They will lay beside each other and Yahoo even "beats up" Major sometimes...not sure this is the norm, but just wanted to share.

Go with the- FLO(w)..he never- does =)
Barked: Wed Oct 20, '10 8:13am PST 
Hello, I am Flo, and I like to hunt and eat small animals..My favourite is Rabbits..njamiebig grin I also had several accidents like killing a rooster of my parents..

We now have a problem, because me and my mom will move in daddy's house and my mom is afraid as dad recently adopted a kitten...She is afraid if I eat the little kitten..

I wouldn't like to hurt the little kitten but I am not sure of my instincts..

Could somebody give some relieve to my mom? Am I trainable not to eat little kittens? What and how she should approach to this situation?

And don't forget am a jealous guy..I don't like to share my parents alotwink

Help her please..Bye for now blue dog

loves whatever u- love
Barked: Thu Nov 4, '10 8:38pm PST 
as u can see we get alone just fine! teach them young and you can have this too

Life was tough,- but now it- ain't!
Barked: Tue Feb 1, '11 4:37pm PST 
We have a cat and a Weim together, and they are both still here! let me know if you want some ideas...
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