Adopted 18 m/o Vizsla won't poop outside HELP!

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Barked: Mon Feb 23, '09 11:20am PST 
She came to us on Friday. She's our only dog. She is in a kennel at night. She will pee outside and we treat and praise the heck out of her for it. But she has only pooped inside at the vet's and twice in the basement while unattended despite all the trips outside ten minutes after meals and then every 2 hours, 45 minute walks in the bitter cold, standing in one place refusing to look at her after she pees, etc. She just won't do it! I've stopped her mid-poop in the basement, picked up the poop, put a leash on her, taken her outside, put the poop in the yard and shown her where she's supposed to go. Then she just gets distracted by the neighbor's dog, a car door, an interesting smell, or just looks at me.

She seems to be very sensitive to the cold. She doesn't seem too thrilled with the snow or this bitter cold weather we're experiencing. She lifts up a paw occasionally on our walks... I'm wondering if she's starting to RESENT going outside because we're doing it so often! At her previous owner's home she had a buddy; a 12 month old pit bull mix who she was always let out with. I guess they had a dog run, and no one was watching them when they were out to do their business. And it's starting to look like from what I gather, she's never really been housebroken cause when her previous owners weren't home, both dogs were kennelled. With us, because we don't have a completely fenced in yard, we have to have her on a leash. We have tried the tie-out method, but she is so DISTRACTED by everything, she doesn't know what to do; sniff, look around, look for us, etc.

I don't want medical problems. Do I stay strong and stubborn and let her get stopped up? Do I look the other way and let her relieve herself in the basement? Does anyone have any tips on how to get her to go JUST ONCE outside? I think if we can get her to do it ONCE, and I can give her a treat, and praise her, she will catch on. She is SMART. We have broken her almost completely of her jumping habit in one weekend.... I'm not looking for an instantly housebroken dog, I just want want ONE outdoor poop. And one unbound dog. And then we can go from there...

If there's anything I'm leaving out, please ask. Help? Anyone?