Adopting a Vizsla, got a few questions.

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Barked: Sat Feb 21, '09 4:47pm PST 
I might have a Vizsla coming into my home soon. I've been doing a bit of reading but I had a few questions for the Vizsla owners out there.
How bad do they shed?
Are they aggressive chewers?
Do they bark a lot?
Is there any other advice you can give me as far as owning a Vizsla goes?

Barked: Mon Feb 23, '09 3:33pm PST 
I just adopted a Vizsla myself. She sheds considerably.

She does not, however bark a lot. This could be because she doesn't know us very well yet and does not feel the need to protect us yet. She doesn't bark at other dogs, she will bark a little when we come home, or when she knows we're up in the morning to be let out of her crate. I do know someone with an unaltered male that barks a TON.

Something you SHOULD know: Vizslas need a LOT of exercise. A lot. They become destructive, anxious, shy and or easily scared if they don't get enough activity and socialization, which I'm sure you've read through your research. My rescue is a PRIME example of this. She was kept in a crate for much of the day at her previous home, and is VERY sensitive to loud noises, new environments and is shy around new people/animals. We are slowly working on this through training classes, several daily walks and much more socialization and activity than she was offered in her previous home. You have to ask yourself if you are able to give a Vizsla enough stimulation to keep him/her happy/healthy before you choose to adopt...

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Barked: Thu Feb 26, '09 7:42am PST 
I brush Tesla every day. (SHe brings me her brush if I forget, because she likes it). SHe doesn't really shed much at all.

SHe doesn't bark much or chew either, but that is the result of careful training (with the barking) and lots of exercise (so she is too tired to chew on stuff when she is at home).

I also give her raw marrow bones every few days to chew on and that keep her happy, but watch out because the marrow can attract ants! I make her chew them on the balcony.


Barked: Tue Mar 3, '09 4:36am PST 
Vizsla's are WONDERFUL dogs. But they are not for everyone, please do as much research as you can on the breed before getting one. In response to your questions, They are not bad 'shedders' and have a short and easy to manage coat. With regards to chewing, they do LOVE toys and yes like to chew, but it is not a problem as long as you provide them with their own toys and adequate exercise (...which is a LOT for a vizsla) they also need mental stimulation as they are such a clever breed - deprive a vizsla of either of there and you will have one heck of a loopy and distructive dog! You said do they bark a lot, and i would say this, they are quite a 'vocal' dog, not neusance barking, but yes they will bark, and quite often 'talk' to you! smile They are also VERY much a people dog, and need to be close to their family, a vizsla will not thrive if iscolated to a kennel. A vizsla is also a sensitive dog, and harsh training methods have NO PLACE in training the vizsla (or any other dog) patience and understanding are needed, but get it right and believe me, you will have one heck of a dog! In my opinion, no other breed is even close to them! smile