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Marli Rose

What was that?!?
Barked: Mon Dec 29, '08 5:05am PST 
We just adopted a Vizsla mix and she has "pointed" twice now while walking her. I'm not sure what she was pointing at but both were perfect points and quite beautiful. She is only about a year old. Is this common in Vizsla's?
Louie II

Born to be a- Velcro V!
Barked: Wed Jan 21, '09 11:36am PST 
Vizsla's are Hungarian Pointers and with a dog's eyesight being far better than ours chances are they saw something that you were not able to see right off. Our Vizsla is now one year old and has been pointing since he was 4 months old. His point is far more defined than when he was younger but he points beautifully now. In fact, when his head lowers, back and tail straight out in perfect line you can bet he has something in his sights, usually a bird. It's in the breed!
Foxy RoxAnne

Barked: Thu Feb 12, '09 4:01pm PST 
I encourage the natural pointing instinct as early as 8 weeks old using a feather or bird wing.


Barked: Mon Apr 20, '09 6:47am PST 
Hi there, Vizslas will also point on scent. It is common for Vizslas to point at cats, rodents, birds etc. to take your Vizsla off point you should carefully pick her up in your arms (he/she will probably stay on point in your arms), when she is pointing you should speak slowly and calmly to her, stroke her back and say "good girl". Also, don't pull her leash or tell her no. The point really is beautiful and the dog should be rewarded for doing it smile