Small 9 month old Vizsla?

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Barked: Mon Oct 20, '08 5:47pm PST 
We have a 9 month old pure bred Vizsla that weighs about 35lbs. He does not look emaciated or unhealthy. He eats 2 cups of food a day (1 cup per meal). The vet does not suggest increasing his food intake. He is perfectly healthy but I feel like he is small for his age. Does he sounds small to other vizsla's owners out there???

Thanks for reading.

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Three Leg- Fred

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Barked: Sun Nov 9, '08 2:21pm PST 
Three Leg Fred is 39lbs and he is four years old. Some are just bigger than others. I wouldn't worry. I would worry more if he were obese. So I think your pup is fine! smile
Foxy RoxAnne

Barked: Thu Feb 12, '09 4:05pm PST 
Do you know the size of the parents? I have a very small bitch who is the best bird dog because she can get under the buses and prickers looking for birds. Her mom was petite.

Copper Blaze

Barked: Tue Feb 17, '09 6:38am PST 
I have an 8 month old purebred Vizsla who is also about 35 lbs. He eats about 3 cups of food a day and actually looks thin. He is very small as well. Our older Vizsla is a beast and she is a female, she was well over 40 lbs by this age and measures at the height limit for female Vizslas in the AKC standard. We feel that our pup was the runt of the litter. Our breeders did say that he was the smallest when he was born. Also, we met the parents and the older sister and they were much smaller than our older Vizsla. We feel bad that he is so small, but I guess as long as he is healthy and loving, we will take it.