Biking with a V

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Where ya goin'?- You better take- me with!
Barked: Tue Mar 27, '07 4:34pm PST 
I would love to go biking with my vizsla, though am concerned about him killing me if he sees a bird/squirrel/blowing leaf, etc that he decides to go after. I have heard a little about springers (i think that's what they are) but don't know much about them. I am hoping someone will be able to provide me some tips on this, especially for those days we can't make it to the doggie beach! Thanks! snoopy

Food, food,- WERE!!!
Barked: Sat Nov 10, '07 6:15pm PST 
What a beautiful Viszla! Well, i take my dogs on bike rides and they love love love it! The first thing to do is make sure they are disaplend walkers. When you ride them on a bike, make sure your hand is loosly on the leash. That way if they run or stop or turn...you simply let go! big grin then...just start slow. You and your dog have to play great attention to eachother. you both will get usued to is . Good luck
Cedar- Diamond

Little Princess
Barked: Sat Nov 17, '07 7:58pm PST 
I occassionally ride with Cedar loose (in a park when there isn't anyone around). She trots right next to me (unless like other have said) she sees any kind of wild-life or person that she must meet IMMEDIATELY. I would be apprehensive too that she could pull me off if she made a break for it.