What Might I be? Poodle or Mix?

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Barked: Fri Jul 17, '09 7:01pm PST 
We adopted Jasper 3 months ago and have no idea what he might be (toy poodle, mini poodle, poodle mix)- he is 6 months old and weighs about 9 pounds. We gave him a super summer cut 5 days ago. He has some apricot in his coat and somewhat of a topnot (when his coat is longer). His tail is undocked, long legs, and kind of has the silhouette of an Italian Grayhound (back in kind of arched). We get lots of questions about his breed and tell everyone he is an "oodle" of some sort. Any ideas? I have posted some new pics of Jasper in his profile. Any guesses would be appreciated! Thanks! snoopy

Barked: Sat Aug 15, '09 1:04pm PST 
He looks Poodle mix to me. I can't put my finger on what he might be mixed with though.

Barked: Tue Nov 3, '09 10:19pm PST 
He looks a LOT like our Bella. We were told Maltese X Bichon but she looks more oodle-y. Maybe they're both part Bichon?


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Barked: Thu Feb 25, '10 7:53am PST 
He looks like a miniature poodle to me.

When mixed with other breeds the poodle tends to visually stand out, which is why poodle mixes have become popular recently.

Like others said he may have bichon in there, or just be a "Poor quality" miniature poodle. Poor quality meaning not to show standards, not anything bad towards your dog in particular.