Help with pup's health - vomiting only symptom

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We're kind of at our wit's end trying to figure out what could be wrong with our pup. Doppler's a 17 week old rescue (mutt for sure, heeler, pointer, not sure what else? 20lbs right now).

She started throwing up last Wednesday, not with every meal, but at least once a day. The first few times were partially digested meals (a couple hours after she ate), but Friday morning she threw up bile. She had NO other symptoms (absolutely none!) so we didn't take her to the vet immediately, as we were ruling out a couple of other possibilities (we had just increased her food to the proper 2 cups a day from 1.5 cups; three feedings a day... I had also trained her using a hot dog Wednesday morning, which she had never had before).

Friday night, however, she threw up bile just about every three hours through the night. Again, no other symptoms (including defecating as normal). We called the vet first thing in the morning, got in right away, and spent the rest of the day there.

Seeing as she is completely immunized, we wondered if she ingested something she shouldn't. (I work from home and watch her like a hawk; she's crated if someone can't be with her.) However, through the night Monday night she had pulled a fleece blanket into her cage (had been draped over the top of the cage) and chewed it through the night. No missing pieces, but some thread gone.

Vet had five sets of x-rays done, most with berrium. Nothing definitive. Our vet (very experienced; we definitely trust her) was at a loss and thought MAYBE she saw thread in her stomach, but couldn't tell if it was one long piece (dangerous) or a couple shorter pieces (not so dangerous) or nothing at all. Suggested exploratory surgery, but 1) we don't really want to put our pup through that if it's not necessary, and 2) though we'll do whatever it takes to help her, we're VERY broke right now (it has been one hell of a summer), and want to avoid cutting her open when our vet says she may or may not find anything inside.

Also did bloodwork, and not even close to dehydrated. Nothing scary in the bloodwork at all, vet wasn't concerned by it. She also had a parvo test (negative).

We opted out of surgery on Saturday (knowing we may have to take her to the ER that night / next day), with a list in hand of symptoms to look out for, new diet, etc. Started feeding Doppler boiled chicken and rice in small increments (a little less than 1/4 cup every 1 - 1.5 hours). Kept everything down til Sunday midmorning. Pooped as normal Sunday morning (though less, but that was expected), threw up Sunday around 11am, kept the rest of her food down all day. Threw up Monday (today) morning around 530, but just clear bile, and not much. Defecated around 7am, but just two very small pieces, then again but only pencil-thin pieces. She strained a third time, but nothing came out. Came inside, did the carpet-butt drag. Didn't try again the rest of the day. Ate every hour (1/4 cup chx & rice), kept it down til 4pm. Kept food down rest of the day.

We've been taking her temperature, and it's steady between 101.2 - 101.7. No behavior changes (happily goes for short walks, wants to play, seems mostly perky). Does seem a bit thinner, but I don't think she's been getting the nutrients she needs, of course.

I apologize for the extremely long post, but I've SCOURED the internet (and so has my boyfriend) looking for possible causes. We're completely at a loss, and our vet (actually, two of the vets at our clinic) are too.

Does anyone have any thoughts? I'd be more than happy to answer anything.

Thank you so much for anyone's thoughts or advice or help!

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I am sorry to hear that your puppy is having issues with food right now. What brand of dry food were you feeding her when you got her?? Sometimes the food can upset their stomachs if they have any sensitive issues in their system. Could be that she got in to something and needs to pass it through her system. Every once in awhile Willow, our Aussie vomits as her stomach has gotten upset for some reason. I can always tell that she is having an issue as she will eat grass. It has not happened very often but they are just like us, can get a bug or eat something that does not agree with us. Good luck and let us know how it goes. Doing chicken and rice is good. You could also just do just rice and put little chicken broth on it. Eliminate the chicken for a day or two and see how she does.
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What kind of food are you feeding besides the boiled chicken/"white" rice? Is it skinless breast? She may have an intolerance to something she's eating. You said you changed her food. From what to what? Did the vet put her on any probiotics? Kali went through a similar thing that took years to figure out. It turned out she has mal-absorbtion/intolerance issues. It can be very frustrating to figure out, because they appear to be healthy in every other way, yet they slowly loose weight, because of the vomiting and/or diarrhea. Try changing her food to something she's never had with less/no grain and less ingredients, like lamb base or fish, if you haven't already, slowly switching her over. More frequent smaller meals is a good idea. Even now, with Kali, if she eats a large meal, she will get sick. she will throw up all her undigested food hours later. I have her on Prozyme enzymes to help with her digestion. You might ask your vet about it. I get it from Amazon, which is "a lot" cheaper than the vet. You could also ask your vet if you could try some Pepcid. Sometimes they get acid reflux. Good Luck and please keep us posted.