Clueless dopes. A little, unimportant rant

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Barked: Sun Dec 22, '13 6:36pm PST 
I just can't believe the attitude of some people. Ugh!

I had Moose at the cemetery today (I take him to it almost every day) and a family shows up and parks near where I'm playing with Moose. (The area I have Moose is all lawn without any head stones or plots).
They get out and they had a Weimerener on a flexi and the woman holding the flexi was allowing the dog to be at the end of it wandering all over burial plots. I see the dog squat on the plots and the woman did nothing. I was just about to say something but wasn't positive it had pooped, figured maybe it had pee'd. I was waiting to see if the woman was going to get a bag or react in some way and when she didn't, I thought maybe the dog had just pee'd.

I kind of walk near where they are and I see the guy let the Weim off leash and the dog starts darting all over and is running in and out grave stones and all over plots. And then the guy starts pushing his little kid on his bike, all over plots. And ya couldn't miss that they were graves. The head stones, even though they lay flat on the ground, were below the level of the grass and it was incredibly clear that that whole area they were standing on was graves. I just stood there with my jaw on the ground.

I noticed a family was putting flowers on a head stone near them and the Weim just ran right past them. Then I see the dog squat and pee and I realized that it had indeed pooped earlier. The fact that the woman knew her dog had pooped and didn't even make one single move to clean it up was pushing my limits of politeness.

I walk closer and yell over to them that they need to leash their dog. I tell them that dogs need to be on a leash. The guy looks at me and says, "Really"?

Uh, yeah dude, really. On what planet does this guy think it's ok for a dog to be peeing and pooping and running all over grave plots? (This cemetery is absolutely gorgeous and kept up beautifully)
Then I say to them, "and you need to pick up your dogs poop here". He says to me, "where"?. I make a motion with my arm, giving him the general area I saw the dog poop in and say, "somewhere around here".
He gets kind of smart with me, starts walking to the area and says, "tell me where". And again I make a motion with my arm telling him, "somewhere right around here". And he gets snarkier and says, "tell me where", as he's looking for it and that's when I almost lost it.
I said to him, "I don't know exactly. It wasn't my dog who pooped on a grave". He gets even snarkier and says, "well, just tell me where it is so I can pick it up" and I tell him not to get mad at me, it wasn't my dog who did it.

We went back and forth for a few more seconds and I tell him that the cemeterey is very generous with allowing dogs so we need to show a little respect and then he says something snarky again and when I call him on it, he mubbles something.

OMG. I was seeing red. The entitled attitude of these people. Who in their right mind thinks it's ok to do any of that? I've still got steam coming out my ears.
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Barked: Mon Dec 23, '13 4:11am PST 
It's people like that, that ruin it for the rest of us. silenced

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Barked: Mon Dec 23, '13 10:53am PST 
Wow. Talk about disrespectful! silenced

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Barked: Mon Dec 23, '13 11:41am PST 
I am SO glad that you said something, though! Even if it didn't seem to make a difference this time, I bet you that in the future he will think twice when that occurs around other people! I'm always too timid to be confrontational with people, I rarely do but so many times have wanted to say something, especially when it comes to people not leashing their pets where they should.

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Barked: Mon Dec 23, '13 1:06pm PST 
I'm the same Guest. I've had a few run ins with not so nice people, and rather then subject myself to an onslaught of abuse or whatever, I just leave people to it and concentrate on what I'm doing. If they get in trouble for their behaviour then so be it.

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Barked: Mon Dec 23, '13 3:41pm PST 
I work in customer service I know how many bird brains are in the world...you did the right thing. I don't confront people as often as I should...but you were absolutely in the right and that's all you can dolittle angel

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Barked: Tue Dec 24, '13 9:55am PST 
Wow, kudos for standing up for what was right! You would think since they were visiting a grave themselves that they would have been a bit more respectful!meditate